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Summer At The Wine & Country Club
Jun 1, 2021



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verano en The Wine & Country Club

‘Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about’

John Mayer.


Waking up to cicada high-pitched voices twittering into life, heralding the dawning of a new scorching summer’s day. Casting shoes aside and walking barefoot on your winery estate’s tile flooring, feeling grounded—or ‘earthed’, as they say—and enjoying a pleasant sense of freshness under your feet. Cooling off by the pool … Summer has finally arrived at The Wine & Country Club, so it is time to get out and take in the beauty of the season.

Since you arrived hereback in autumn, seeking to disengage from the increasingly hectic and frenzied pace of lifeyou feel that The Wine & Country Club has allowed you to fall back in line with the natural rhythms of the Earth. Slow living has brought to light the things you are truly passionate about: wine, nature and horseback riding, which are all hobbies that had taken second place in your former hectic everyday life. However, as soon as you enter The Wine & Country Club, time stands still and the vital rhythm itself marks the course of events.

Your organic kitchen garden is already yielding a first bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables – beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers, which you have used to prepare the best gazpacho you have ever tasted. Since you moved here, you have embraced the local typical and primitive recipes, which you are attempting to make more refined.

Summer Living At Its Finest At The Wine & Country Club


The possibilities for summer entertainment at The Wine & Country Club really are endless.

For starters, you can make the most of your superb outdoor swimming pool with mountain views. One of the beauties of living in Ronda, with its glorious sunshine and toasty summer temperatures, is that you can enjoy the pool any time of the day. This is not just any swimming pool, it is a unique pool surrounded by centuries-old holm oaks from which to enjoy your impressive setting. Next to the pool sits your spacious pergola-roofed porch, covered with foliage plants that provide plenty of shade and coolness on those hot summer days. One thing is certain: nothing beats entertaining friends and enjoying a hearty meal in your magnificent shadowed porch.

For those active days when you need a shot of natural adrenaline, hiking locally is a sure bet. Whether you feel like exploring the area on foot or on two wheels, on or off trails or footpaths, your choice of routes is large. You can even switch between via ferrata courses for a perfect day in the woods with no other concern than that of communing with the natural surroundings. 

For those days when you need to stay focused, or whenever you feel like shirking your duties and finding some swing-based amusement, golfing is your favourite pastime. In addition, you are lucky to be able to make use of the Club’s exclusive concierge service, which will see to it that you experience a day of golfing atone of the finest golf courses around Ronda. The challenge will be deciding on one or the other.

However, nothing beats discovering the rolling hills around The Wine & Country Club or hacking out to the Serrania on Sugar’s back. Your Purebred Spanish Horse is your greatest companion and riding him has a certain je ne sais quoi that allows you to feel unconditionally free.

On calmer days, or when a summer storm takes you by surprise, you love taking refuge in your small but well-stocked library. What will you next be reading? A crime novel, a biography, perhaps a historical novel? Regardless of the genre you finally opt for, you know you will be pairing it with a fine wine, like the ones you have self-produced with the aid of the Club’s always attentive winery staff members.

It is easy to understand why your winery estate is so dear to you – it offers a plethora of entertainment possibilities. So with that thought in mind, you smile and say to yourself “summer, with all of its splashy, sun-soaked beauty, is finally here!”