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Horseback Riding In The Serrania de Ronda
Feb 2, 2021



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Horseback riding is an uber-popular activity in Andalusia and, as such, the Serrania de Ronda (Malaga) boasts an impressive network of well-marked riding trails with increasing levels of difficulty.

Its treasured and inviting landscapes entice you to discover them mounted on such a fine animal. There is something for every taste and level—hacking routes running along local paths, and short- and long-distance trails—so horse riding enthusiasts will not be disappointed with outings of varying difficulty and will appreciate the surrounding dreamlike natural environment.

Beginners and improvers will find a choice of well-run riding schools in the area, while more advanced riders will find Malaga a haven for beach, forest and mountain trail riding, and will simply be spoilt for choice.

Regardless of your riding level, it is important that you remember the necessary equipment, which includes a helmet, water bottle, protective leg and footwear, and long trousers. Here are also a few friendly reminders about the importance of sustainable thinking: please refrain from building a fire—especially in the summertime—, do not litter, remember to close the gates you pass through, and take care not to disturb the wildlife that you encounter along the way.

Hacking Routes Near Ronda


A favourite horse riding destination in the Ronda area is Sierra de las Nieves, which boasts spectacular trails affording breathtaking views over Peña Horadada, Peñon de Ronda, Sierra Cabrilla, Spanish fir forests, and much more.

Another popular route within Sierra de las Nieves, which also affords magnificent views over Sierra de las Nieves and El Burgo—and its famous dyke leading to the Turon river—, is through Puerto de la Mujer.

The natural park features many guided hacking routes, which are perfect to take in the sights and appreciate the area’s wildlife in all its glory. There is also the possibility of having a tailor-made riding programme.

A little further west of Ronda, you can take a 2 to 3-hour hacking route, which starts at Los Molinos del Tajo and will take you through the El Duende estate to Puerto La Muela.

Other trails to the south of the city pass through the Mediterranean forest surrounding Ronda and will take you along private paths and unspoilt wilderness at its awe-inspiring best. Ask Jorge, he will gladly give you some useful tips.

Horseback Riding Through Your Vineyard


There is always the possibility of riding your horse across the rolling hills of your ca. 6-hectare winery estate. You can saddle up at any time of the day, and breathe genuinely clean and healthy air at The Wine & Country Club while you watch your vines grow and enjoy the views of that small organic kitchen garden and orchard that you so wisely decided to plant at the south-western end.

Besides, Jorge—the concierge service manager—, with his impeccable manners, will help you with your horse, recommend a qualified local vet, let you in on uncharted landscapes so you can brave the mountains and wilderness on horseback, and help you with whatever you may need.

Horseback riding is an activity you can take part in thanks to the Club, so make the most of your new escapades, make your own wine, experience what slow life is all about and become a real expert—in short, compose the soundtrack to your new life—.