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Client Concierge – A Prime Service
Oct 30, 2020



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client concierge

Last night, your plane was delayed, but luckily Jorge was at the airport to pick you up and drive you home. He took the liberty of starting the fireplace and turning on the heat so the house would feel nice and warm when you got in“. 

Personalised and comprehensive care and service. A professional that is exclusively dedicated to attending to all of your needs—be it your winery estate’s upkeep, or making a reservation at a trendy restaurant in Marbella, or picking you up at the airport after a business trip… you name it—. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

The notion of ‘concierge’—more suited to the luxury hotel sector—is gradually becoming something of the norm for prime residential schemes. However, for the time being, only highly exclusive projects include concierge services in Spain, where the impact of this figure is still very limited and has traditionally taken the form of household services and little else—in contrast to the United States, where the notion of ‘concierge’ is commonplace—.

The one-of-a-kind personalised care experience provided by the Club to the homes at The Wine & Country Club goes far beyond anything we have ever seen so far.  


What can Client Concierge services do for you?


One single day at The Wine & Country Club suffices to illustrate how Client Concierge services can make your life easier.

You get up early, just in time to witness the sunrise through the vineyards. The morning dew—so typical at this time of year, when the white frost twinkles as it sets in at night—now shines on the freshly mown grass, while the frost melts and the temperature rises. Last night, your plane was delayed, but luckily Jorge was at the airport to pick you up and drive you home. He took the liberty of starting the fireplace and turning on the heat so the house would feel nice and warm when you got in. 

The remains of last night’s fire are dying down, but their warmth continues to embrace you and greet you good morning. Today, you will be driving to the airport, but this time it will be for pleasure. You want to welcome your friends who are coming to visit and spend a relaxing day with you—’to enjoy the real The Wine & Country Club experience’ were your exact words to them—. The very same experience you are privileged to enjoy day in day out. 

Jorge has seen to it that you experience a day of golfing at Finca Cortesin. It has been ages since you last enjoyed a good morning’s golf and you are really looking forward to it. Afterwards, you will head for lunch at Platero & Co—a magical eatery that has bewitched you—located in Gaucin, a charming little town dotted with white houses—just like a postcard—in the Serrania de Ronda, away from Estepona and Marbella’s hustle and bustle (although you also enjoy the fast pace of the city from time to time). Jorge has made reservations for your favourite table, on the terrace, which affords the best views of the valley and the Sierra de Grazalema. This place just never fails to deliver.

On your way back to The Wine & Country Club, you will take the A-369 road, one of the most beautiful in Spain, and continue marvelling at the nature that surrounds you – such a worthy spectacle. You recall when Jorge first told you about this road and recommended you delight in one of the most beautiful landscapes you had ever seen. Such a fascinating and picturesque route always leaves you speechless.

A special treat awaits you when you get home – Jorge has booked a spa treatment at the Club for you and your entourage. He also booked a relaxing massage for you—so thoughtful of him to think ahead and remember your stiff neck, and anticipate that this morning’s golf session would not do it any good—.



While your friends visit your winery and enjoy a master class conducted by the winemaker, you are home getting everything ready at the gazebo for tonight’s dinner party. Fitting out the gazebo, so as to be able to enjoy it beyond the summer, was a great idea that Jorge was in charge of making a reality. 

Every attention to detail has been afforded to tonight’s dinner. Nothing would please you more than to spoil your guests, and so, in that spirit, you have cherry-picked some local delicacies, including Payoya goat cheese—a Best World Goat Cheese Award winner—, some typical chazinas from the Sierra de Grazalema such as salami, chorizo and black pudding, and some of that sourdough rustic bread they bake in Ronda and Jorge arranges to have it brought to you daily. And… of course! a bottle of a most special wine – your harvest; the grapes you so carefully and lovingly have grown; the wine you so proudly have produced in the hope to share it with family and friends over a roast dinner. 

You take a long look at your table guests while they eat, drink, chat and are merry, and you think to yourself that this is exactly what you had pictured and longed for so long. 

Do not worry your little head about a thing. Focus on what is important and leave the rest to your personal concierge

As you can see, the concierge services offered at The Wine & Country Club go far beyond anything you had ever imagined. This is why living at The Wine & Country Club is an experience that hardly compares to anything you have ever experienced before. Here, everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail. Nothing here is a product of improvisation, and yet you will not feel as if everything follows a schedule, but rather is genuinely spontaneous and part of the exclusive experience it is to live here.