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Squeeze The Most Out Of Your New Slow Life
Mar 16, 2021



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When you arrived at The Wine & Country Club, you thought to yourself, now what? Well, you began to live your new life—you began to get a slice of the slow life—, that is what. The Slow Living Movement is all about intentional living and being present in the moment. It is about focusing on the what and why of things, and making sure each hour or minute of the day is regarded as something precious.

The benefits of slow living—i.e. creating time and space and energy for the things that matter most to us in life—are many and varied, including good physical and mental health, renewed vitality and unflagging energy, not feeling that our lives are overly hectic or emotionally out of kilter, greater productivity, and meaningful connections with people, culture, work, nature, and our own bodies and minds. However, when we set ourselves to the task, we do not really know where to start.

Although we already talked about what your life at The Wine & Country Club could be like and everything that the Club offers and how easy it would be to adapt to this new pace, a few additional tips to squeeze the most out of your precious free time would never go amiss.

Slow Down The Pace Of Life – Make Time For What You Love


Stepping back and slowing down to take notice of the small daily things in a mindful way is no easy task. 


It is not about embarking on permanent idleness or sheer procrastination; far from it. It has nothing to do with dawdling away your days, but rather with reclaiming the time and tranquillity to practise being present, without allowing the past or future to interfere.

The Wine & Country Club provides the perfect backdrop to lead a mindful life and develop a wise relationship with our sensory experience through mindful meditation and yoga. Both activities—better yet if you practise them together—urge you to find calm by connecting, on purpose and in a systematic way, with the present moment.

Slow living is a way of reconnecting with nature, of ensuring that we make time to enjoy the simple pleasures of being outdoors. Being outside in nature, enjoying all it has to offer and living in harmony with the seasons are at the core of slow living. Sunbeams on your face, beautiful flowers in the garden, scrumptious picnics with beautiful countryside, storms raging outside, hunting down the most glorious blankets of bluebells, filling your lungs with fresh air, having a romantic stroll with your partner, or trekking the hills… With the Serrania de Ronda at your feet, The Wine & Country Club offers all that and more.

Sharing moments with family and friends is important when it comes to wellbeing and happiness. It creates a feeling of belonging. Treating your family and friends to a slap-up dinner on your winery estate’s terrace will drive togetherness and strengthen harmonious and lasting relationships, which is another key benefit of slow living via which you will come to learn that life is mainly made up of tiny moments, all stitched together. 

Those who advocate a cultural shift to slowing down the pace of life know that such philosophy of life is not only about slowing down, but that it also applies to food and consumption. Slow living is healthy living. Nothing beats doing some grocery shopping at a local farmer’s market, and having your own organic kitchen garden and trying your hand at growing your own produce—after all, slow living is all about indulgence when it comes to food—.

Unplugging from the digital world to detox and resist constant digital grazing is also at the heart of slow living. We are increasingly dependent on our phones and devices, and with a proliferation of social media channels much of our day can get sucked into a digital vortex of scrolling through posts or falling down online rabbit holes. It is time to take back your life from your Smartphone and create a positive work-life balance.

Being orderly—which has a direct effect on tranquillity and relaxation—will help you live in a more balanced, meaningful and life-affirming way. The Slow Living Movement advocates an orderly life, based on specific routines, but at the same time retaining a sufficient degree of flexibility.

Have you ever heard silence speaking? We navigate our way through life, through a sea of noise and distraction. Only when we understand that we have a primal need for silence are we able to begin our search for it—and there, deep beneath a cacophony of noise and thoughts, silence lies in wait for us—. This reminds us of ‘hygge’ and we at The Wine & Country Club have to confess this concept is right up our street. That is slow living at its best!

¿Has escuchado alguna vez el silencio? Pues empezar a hacerlo también forma parte de aprovechar al máximo tu slow life.