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Organic Gardens Designed By Véronique Gladstone At The Wine & Country Club
Sep 23, 2021



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huertos ecológicos
Did you know that organic gardening is a great activity that reduces stress levels and boosts your overall mood?

Well, it is true, getting outside with the plants can be a great stress reliever. In a busy life of multitasking with so much to juggle and think about on a constant basis, gardening can give us focus. Sowing seeds, potting on, and thinning out is a great way to bring you into the moment and allow for all of the business you have in your mind to be put on hold. Also, there is nothing more rewarding than watching wildlife enjoying your garden. 

We at The Wine & Country Club advocate a stress-free lifestyle, inspired by the slow living movement. And there is truly nowhere better to experience that kind of life than on our wine estates. Nestled in nature’s bounty and sprawling out over 5 hectares, each wine property comes with a private hobby vineyard and organic garden. This is a haven for health-conscious people in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


The factor which differentiates our wine estates in Ronda is our firm commitment to Véronique Gladstone’s expertise and her Simply Fabulousa creative studio dedicated to food designto create our organic gardens. After much searching, as we strive to bring you the best of the best, we stumbled upon Véronique and her partner Matthew Gladstone. They will both collaborate with the Club to implement a new way of gardening based on the local Andalusian products, seeking to recover threatened native species, such as the Ronda tomato.


huertos ecológicos

The Magic Of Véronique Gladstone At The Wine & Country Club


Véronique Gladstone arrived at The Wine & Country Club to offer a unique experience on our wine estates. Drawing on what she does best—soulful, sensory cuisine—she has provided the Club with different seedlings of native varieties of tomatoes. And owing to Ronda’s exceptional climate, they have fully grown and are now ready to be enjoyed.


In addition, in our organic gardens there is no lack of all kinds of seasonal vegetables and those that can withstand any season. We are talking tomatoes of the Sangre de Toro, Cherry and Pera varieties; bell peppers, ‘piquillo’ peppers, red peppers—they have the sweetest flavour and work best for roasting—, ñoras(dried red peppers, which are an ideal standby for use in a wide range of Mediterranean dishes), chilli peppers, black aubergines, onions, chard, different varieties of lettuce—such as Maravilla de verano or Oreja de mulo—cabbage, cauliflower, and red cabbage. And very soon we will pick the first carrots and table beets.


There is also no shortage of white, green and round courgettes, broccoli, purple-white-striped aubergines, purple onions, broad beans, cucumbers, Malaga lettuce, leek, dwarf French beans and pumpkins. A true feast for the eyes and the tastebuds!

viñedo en octubre

The large size of The Wine & Country Club, a Malaga meadowland sprawling out over 200 hectares, is perfect for all kinds of crops since space is not an issue here. Just as we seek to recover native and traditional species of fruits and vegetables, we are also strong advocates for the region’s own grape variety.


Each plot will benefit from its own vineyard to grow grapes such as Blasco, Romé, Melonera and Tintilla de Ronda that have come back to life to excite and intrigue the most discerning of palates. At The Wine & Country Club we encourage you to indulge your passion for food and wine pairing, and to do so with your own insanely delicious private label wine. Try out some new and exciting recipes with the food you grow and pair it with the wine you make with the help of the Club’s team of dedicated professional experts.

So with all that in mind, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge, change to a healthier lifestyle and start living on one of our still available wine properties. Come visit us.