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Slow Living is So Much More Than Just a Passing Fad
Oct 20, 2020



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slow life

“An exquisite mix between rockrose and moist earth—and realise you are finally living in the moment”. 

You wake up to bird voices twittering into life, in many a gladsome and varying note, and to the lush smell of the countryside. You stretch in bed, mesmerised by the image of the curtains slowly swinging in the Serrania de Ronda breeze, heralding the dawning of a new day.

You roll out of bed and start up a fresh pot of coffee. No one else is up and the house is blissfully quietit feels wonderful to enjoy some alone time. You take your steaming mug of coffee out to the garden and stroll about barefoot, discovering the feel of the porch’s soft stone under your feet and the drops of morning dew shining on the freshly mown grass.

You sit underneath the gazebo and take a deep long breath in, feeling your lungs expanding. Then, as you slowly breathe out and your mind quietens, you catch a delicate scentan exquisite mix between rockrose and moist earth—and realise you are finally living in the moment.

You spent the day yesterday in Malaga, visiting the fascinating Picasso Museumamazing how the plethora of cultural pursuits Malaga offers is a short 1-hour drive from here!. You were deeply moved by the Picasso as Seen by Otero exhibition. Observing the daily life of a genius like Pablo Picasso got you thinking about your own life and feeling deeply grateful.

You dined like a king at the spectacular Michelin-starred Jose Carlos Garcia restaurant. It took you no less than six months to get a table, but it was definitely worth the wait… what a gastronomically delightful experience!

The rest of the family will soon get up… and so, mug in hand, you head towards the vineyardand to think you own a vineyard!—. It is the beginning of September and you will soon gather in your very first harvest. You feel a shiver of excitement run through you. You count yourself fortunate that you can lead this kind of simple life, get back to basics and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

Under Ronda’s golden sun, the juicy grapes have ripened to a deep violet hue, signalling that they are ready to be harvested. The delicately flavoured and truly special Melonera grape is no ordinary grape—it is tiny and striped, reminiscent of a watermelon—. It fell into oblivion and nearly became extinct, but now grows luxuriantly. Infinite care, a pinch of magic and a dash of time is all it needed, much like yourself.

As you head back home, the sound of dishes rattling in the kitchen is confirmation that everybody is up. While she sips a cup of coffee, the girls are setting the table for breakfast. Before you go in, you turn around to take a final peek at the vineyard. You breathe in deeply once more, infusing yourself with positive energy, and your agile and sharp mind whispers: this is definitely the life you want to live. 

Slow living. Mindful living 

You can vividly remember the day everything changed. That day you decided to turn your life around, take charge and start living mindfully. That day this whole slow living malarkey sounded less and less like self-help hot air, and more and more like the lifestyle you wanted to lead.

That day you realised it is not a fad; it is about getting back to basics. It is about making time for yourself and loved ones; it is about living in the now and savouring every moment. That day it dawned on you that the real treat is to live in a natural environment and enjoy everything the land has to offer; that the real privilege is not having to choose. 

And that was when The Wine & Country Club came into your life, as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

The opportunity to live in a prestigious address opened up: a winery estate in Ronda. A home with character, just like you, nestled in the most unique landscape, the Andalusian meadows. A home that not only fits you to a T, but also seamlessly blends into the meadow landscape, and is energy-efficient and environment-friendly—and you would not want it any other way—. 

A large estate with private organic kitchen garden to grow your own food, and a vineyard to produce your own wine. Benefitting from the Club’s exclusive services and amenities is another one of The Wine & Country Club’s many perks. 

The opportunity presented itself and you seized it. And now, as you stand at your doorstep, and while the girls are getting breakfast ready, you look at the horizon and take stock; and you think to yourself: things could not be better! 

This is what life is like at The Wine & Country Club. This could be your life.