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Owning A Wine Estate Comes With A Slew Of Great Perks
Sep 14, 2021



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When you have a passion for all things wine and you are presented with the opportunity to purchase a country house with private vineyard, you just know you have to jump into it headfirst. You might change the course of your life and fully devote yourself to your new home or it might become your secluded oasis of peace and privacy on those occasions when you just need to disconnect.

Whatever the reason, the time has come to live for your dream. Thanks to The Wine & Country Club, aside from being the proud owner of a new home, you will benefit from an exclusive private vineyard to make a wine to your own taste.


The Perks Of Owning A Wine Property


Becoming the proud owner of one of the 28 winery estates located at The Wine & Country Club means:

tradiciones y costumbres de Ronda

The Investment Of A Lifetime


Benefitting from a private rolling countryside with vineyard which stretches out for miles on end and where you can turn your grapes into an award-winning vintage wine. It also means being blessed with a private swimming pool with stunning views out onto the Serrania de Ronda and an organic vegetable garden (the seasoned Club’s team can help with the tending.) It means being able to enjoy a wealth of indoor accommodation and large floor-to-ceiling windows that create light-filled and airy—albeit secluded—living spaces. It means making an investment that bears directly on you and your quality of life.


A Very Personal Lifestyle Choice


You have no use for noise, commotion or a constant toing and froing of visitors. Purchasing a wine producing estate at The Wine & Country Club means adopting a calmer, more relaxed and leisurely lifestyle. It means trimming down your day to things you only have to do and want to do, so you can find more time for things you love. Embrace slow living, take in your surroundings and enjoy the little things your new wine property has to offer.


The Perfect Place To Indulge In Your Hobbies


The Wine & Country Club is the starting point to pursue your favourite hobbies – be it golfing all the golf courses in Malaga, taking up adventure sports in the Serrania de Ronda mountain range, testing your wheels at the highly exclusive Ascari Club, surfing smaller waves, hacking out with your horse … you name it!

Should you prefer to experience a wide variety of activities in the comfort of your own home, The Wine & Country Club offers you the possibility of becoming part of a winery that welcomes you and helps you make a wine to your own taste. That is the whole purpose of your new country house with hobby vineyard. With the Club’s world-class winemaking team led by oenologist Ana de Castro offering invaluable support and easing you into the wine-making aspect, you will become a successful vigneron and make your insanely delicious private label wine.


Peace Of Mind


Are you familiar with that inner balance that has you feeling wonderful when everything is fine and you can kiss goodbye to stress? Well, that peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can live your life in charming harmony is what you get when you embrace country living on your wine estate at The Wine & Country Club.

The Wine Properties At The Wine & Country Club


To top it all off, The Wine & Country Club offers 28 contrasting properties characterised by classic and traditional styling, or unique contemporary design. La Caldera, La Dehesilla, or La Dehesa del Prado are some of the estates you can now visit and get a feel for. We invite you to come and see for yourself everything The Wine & Country Club has to offer.

Because a (live) picture is worth a thousand words, we at The Wine & Country Club look forward to welcoming you to your new life at Lugar Partido Rural los Frontones, 86, Ronda, Malaga (Spain).

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