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Summertime Works Like A Charm For The Wine & Country Club’s Vegetable Gardens And Vineyards
Jul 14, 2022



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As with any summer season, The Wine & Country Club’s vegetable gardens and vineyards are at different ripening points, getting ready for the impending autumn harvest.

From the launch of The Wine & Country Club, the project team was clear about two things: naturalness and wine. Hence, Verónique Gladstone was selected to be responsible for the planting of kitchen gardens in the meadowland where the Club sits, and Ana de Castro was chosen to be the heart and soul of the vineyards supplying residents at the Club’s wine estates with the grapes they use to produce their bespoke vintages and their insanely delicious private label wine.

Moreover, each wine estate sprawls out over 5-7 hectares and includes a luxurious country house and endless rows of vines stretching for miles across each property. Wine estate owners are fortunate enough to be able to make their wines with nearly-extinct native grape varieties that were brought back to life by the La Melonera winery.

In short, we harvest the very best of what grows at this Andalusian meadowland and The Wine & Country Club’s residents enjoy it in this renewed and health-conscious lifestyle of theirs.

vendimia en The Wine & Country Club

Kitchen Gardens Signed By Verónique Gladstone

The Wine & Country Club’s organic vegetable gardens are at their peak in summertime. This year Verónique Gladstone has opted for 20 different tomato varieties, which, depending on each type, are ripe at different times.

Some are already being harvested and enjoyed today, but the official harvest is expected to kick-off in August.

The Wine & Country Club’s organic gardens are monitored on a daily basis by Verónique’s team, which sees to it that everything runs smoothly and as expected.

This is how top quality greens are obtained, away from industrial production and lab chemicals.

Verónique Gladstone is a professional expert devoted to turning projects and ideas into culinary experiences that excite, surprise and seduce the senses. She specialises in brand experiences and creates unforgettable moments capable of moving people based on inspiration, flavour and innovation.

This coupled with The Wine & Country Club’s unique setting makes for a magnificent and picturesque backdrop and a delightful sensory experience.

Vineyards Steered By Ana de Castro


The Wine & Country Club’s vineyards, managed in collaboration with the La Melonera winery and its team of professionals steered by Ana de Castro, are located in the various wine estates that make up this innovative Southern European residential scheme.

Ana de Castro is always available to support residents every step of the way, helping them to master the art of grape growing and easing them into the wine-making aspect to turn their grapes into award-winning vintage wines that will then crowd the racks of their wine cellars—as is the case with the La Caldera wine estate.

The grapes are currently growing healthy and strong, so Ana de Castro and her team are hoping for a bountiful harvest. However, they need to stay tuned to the weather forecast – a strong heat wave can quickly ruin the harvest … Luckily enough daytime’s high heat is easily offset by the night time drop in temperature.

For now, the team is patiently and devotedly looking forward to harvest season which will take place from the second half of September.

All that remains is for you to set course for The Wine & Country Club to discover this magnificent and unrivalled residential scheme, and luxuriate in the local and fine cuisine and wine.