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A New Wine Season Begins At The Wine & Country Club
Feb 17, 2022



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Last year’s vintage was something else. A total of 3,000 bottles of your insanely delicious private label wine lay on their side, nicely stored on your wine estate’s basement cellar—the real reason behind your decision to purchase a wine property—which is perfect for wine conservation. That is why you chose La Caldera, which also boasts a special room for wine aging located right next to your cellar.

The Wine & Country Club made it so easy for you to own a private hobby vineyard and grow grapes for enjoyment that you could not resist purchasing one of the Club’s wine properties.

A New Year, A New Vintage

Last October’s bountiful grape harvest was followed by a period of time when the vineyards were left to rest (which is not to say that they were neglected). January saw things shaking up again and a new cycle beginning in the vineyard. Much like last season, Ana de Castro—the Club’s oenologist—and her team kick-started the pruning.

Vine pruning is not a task for the faint hearted. It is an art shrouded with mystery and is key to ensuring the right quantity and quality of the harvest. Vines respond well to order, so they need a good, hard prune since grapes are borne on new growth arising from last year’s wood. Completion of the pruning process heralds the start of the new season.

vendimia en The Wine & Country Club

You are lucky enough to have already experienced a previous grape harvest, and pride yourself on knowing a thing or two about winemaking – not for nothing Ana has been an excellent teacher. You seem to recall that she said the process will be resumed in the springtime, when the first traces of life will begin to sprout on the vines. The sap will begin to rise, bringing the vineyard back to life.

Whilst the vines were being pruned, the activity was also returning to the winery. After the bottling of the previous harvest, the wines are left to rest and age in vats for a while so as to allow them to develop complex aromas.

The Signs Are Good For This Year’s Season

Ana is always on hand to give you helpful tips on making the most appropriate decisions when it comes to managing your vineyard. Also as regards the wines that can be obtained depending on the grape variety you use—Blasco, Tintilla, Romé, Syrah, Garnacha, and Cabernet Sauvignon for reds, or Moscatel, Pedro Ximénez, and Doradilla for whites.

Your reds—with their good nose of red fruits and liquorice, their lingering aftertaste, and their fresh, silky and gently-rounded flavour profile on the palate—have won your heart. As for the white, it was nothing to write home about, but you feel the need to give it another try.

The heart and soul of The Wine & Country Club, La Melonera winery’s expertise and strong track record was key to your discovering a new way of growing and processing grapes. After recovering Ronda’s centuries-old native vines—which could not escape the threat of the phylloxera—, La Melonera launched in 2003 the creation of unique wines made from real local grape varieties.

You fully trust the winemaking team. You have seen them in action and can vouch for their professionalism. That is why, when you have friends over visiting, you proudly show them around your wine estate and display your private label wines. Relocating to The Wine & Country Club is the best decision you could ever make. Here fine wine, superb cuisine and nature’s remarkable splendour go hand in hand. Nestled in Ronda’s nature bounty and living a calm and peaceful life, you now see the world in a whole new light. Life here has proven to be extremely satisfying – so you have absolutely no regrets about not purchasing that French château you were offered. Undoubtedly, the wine estates at The Wine & Country Club are second to none in terms of quality, amenities and transport links.

Let yourself be pampered and live life to the fullest at The Wine & Country Club.