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Ronda – The Land Of Olive Oil
Nov 18, 2021



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Olive oil is also ever-present in Ronda and at The Wine & Country Club.

As you well know, the land here in Ronda is very rich. Its exceptional quality favours the growth of Malaga’s typical and delicious products – including wine of exquisite taste and the oft-cited and quintessentially Mediterranean olive oil.

At the turn of the 20th century, Malaga’s fields could not escape the threat of the phylloxera, which destroyed a considerable number of vines in its wake. At the time, the vines touched by the phylloxera were replaced with extensive olive groves. Albeit the recovery of native grape varieties—thanks to the work carried out for years by La Melonera winery’s staff—, the traditional product (the vines) coexists in Ronda’s grounds with the new host (olive groves). They each have their distinct spaces and grow along other species such as oak groves, each bearing their own fruits.

The two most outstanding liquid jewels in Andalusia—wine and extra virgin olive oil—go hand in hand.

viñedo en octubre

Ronda’s Olive Oil At The Wine & Country Club


The Wine & Country Club is a clear example of the union in balanced harmony between vines and olive groves. Here wine and olive oil go hand in hand and are greeted with great delight by our residents. A large amount of olive groves, spread over hundreds of hectares, coexist intermingled with the landscape and perfectly integrated with the 28 wine estates that make up The Wine & Country Club.

Here, centuries-old olive trees are lined next to young olive groves of native Andalusian varieties such as Hojiblanca, Lechin, or Marteño. We provide them with the same care and attention that we afford the fields of grapevines. After the olives are harvested and pressed, we extract our famous and organically produced liquid gold. We at The Wine & Country Club are committed to interacting as little as possible with the product and retaining all its quality. From-the-land-to-the-palate is our way of life. In addition, and much like winemaking, the process is fully overseen and supported by La Melonera’s team of professionals and this translates into an olive oil that is so exquisite that it is classified as EVOO (i.e. extra virgin olive oil).

At this precise moment, our olive oil rests pressed in a tank. This phase will last for at least a month so the oil decants naturally before it is packaged and labelled as Olivar del Duende.

viñedo en octubre

The Secret Behind Ronda’s Stoves


With such an exquisite product to its credit, it is little wonder that the basis of Ronda’s cuisine is olive oil. Traditional and innovative dishes alike all include the liquid gold that is provided by this rich land.


The authenticity, taste and flavour provided by an extra virgin olive oil subjected to the minimum processing and treated with the utmost care is what makes it such a highly esteemed product. This is precisely what we at The Wine & Country Club pursue – for our olive groves to be a market benchmark.


If you want to be part of The Wine & Country Club’s gourmet oil experience, come visit us and see for yourself everything Ronda’s rich land has to offer. Come closer, smell and taste The Wine & Country Club.