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Make The Most Of Your Wine Property With The Help Of Ana de Castro And Véronique Gladstone
Nov 2, 2021



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saca partido a tu hacienda bodeguera

When you took the momentous decision to become the proud owner of one of the wine estates at The Wine & Country Club, you could not have suspected the invaluable and skilled help you would receive. Master oenologist Ana de Castro is ready and raring to walk you through the process of making your bespoke wine. For her part, creative designer of gastronomic experiences Véronique Gladstone is in positionto help you give shape to your organic vegetable garden.

So you are not only purchasing a 5-hectare plot of land with private hobby vineyard, you are also gaining access to the real spread and depth of knowledge of the Club’s seasoned team. With Ana de Castro and Véronique Gladstone offering invaluable support, being available around the clock to answer any questions and backing your ambitions, you will never be working in isolation.

You can grow native grape varieties in your new hobby vineyard, such as the grapes from the La Melonera winery. The Melonera grape variety is very special and has recently been listed in the Register of Authorised Varieties. To reach this milestone, the Club’s winery staff members had to undertake an arduous task of data collection. In addition, since 2008 the team has worked long and hard to recover some of the near-extinct vines.

Years later, and after numerous studies where all aspects of each variety have been thoroughly studied, the Melonera grape variety has finally been included in the register. This means that thanks to The Wine & Country Club and its merger with the La Melonera winery you will become a successful vigneron and produce an insanely delicious and bespoke private label wine. 

It is common knowledge that we at The Wine & Country Club unrelentingly strive for excellence. So when it came to making decisions in relation to the estates’ organic vegetable gardens, we refused to settle for being average. We wanted something different and unique for our estates’ residents. That is why we sought the support, professionalism and expertise of Véronique Gladstone to design our green spaces.

saca partido a tu haciendo bodeguera

Ana de Castro – Oenology At Its Purest


After years of sporting a pharmacist white lab coat, Ana de Castro decided to trade it in for farm implements in the vineyards of The Wine & Country Club. It was the Club that recruited her and she simply could not turn down the offer. In her own words: “The Wine & Country Club is the privilege of being able to commune with nature in lovely, well-tended surroundings and to use dream facilities where outstanding attention to detail has been afforded.”


Ana divides her time between a full-time job at the winery and working side by side with the Club’s residents. She spends her days learning about their tastes to imbue their bespoke wines with their unique personality. So when you embark on your new life on your new wine estate, you will do so safe in the knowledge that you can totally count on her to master the art of grape growing, look after the vines, ease you into the wine-making aspect, and turn your grapes into an award-winning vintage wine.

saca partido a tu haciendo bodeguera

Véronique Gladstone And Her Enviable Track Record


As for Véronique Gladstone, she has played a decisive role in the design of the The Wine & Country Club’s organic vegetable gardens and orchards. As part of her soulful, sensory cuisine, she has provided the Club with different seedlings of native varieties of tomatoes. And owing to Ronda’s exceptional climate, they have fully grown and are now ready to be enjoyed.


These varieties are distinguished in particular by their considerable size, aged-appearing skin, and intense and scented flavour. Thanks to this heavenly tasting ingredient, which the Club will provide you with, you will be able to prepare succulent dishes to treat yourself and your guests to.


Are you ready to embark on an experience a lifetime?