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Leisure Sailing At The Wine & Country Club
Sep 16, 2021



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Enthusiasts of the sea are very welcome at The Wine & Country Club. Although Ronda is a landlocked town, it benefits from excellent sea lines and links to the closest marinas – so leisure sailing is very much an option. There is no need for you to relinquish your passions. Quite the opposite, the Club helps you indulge your passion for sailing.

Ah sailing … a fun hobby of yours and one that helps you relax. There is no way you could even begin to consider living far from a marina that offers the possibility to pursue your pet hobby. But you also craved peace and quiet in a private gated community where you could break away from it all. That is why, after much searching, you finally purchased one of the 28 wine estates at The Wine & Country Club. A residential schemeonly available to a privileged fewthat celebrates nature, superb food and fine wine – all in a unique environment.

That The Wine & Country Club celebrates nature is evidenced by the fact that the project is nestled in nature’s bounty, in a beguiling natural landscape in the foothills of Serrania de Ronda. As for its celebration of superb food … need we mention that your wine property comes with a private organic vegetable garden and orchard from which you source the juiciest fruits and the freshest seasonal vegetables? Finally, what better way to celebrate wine than caring for that private hobby vineyard on your estate and starting your own wine label – safe in the knowledge that the Club’s team of expert winemakers will help you ease into the wine-making aspect, and turn your grapes into an award-winning vintage wine.

And returning to the subject of leisure sailing … here is the lowdown on all the marinas that sit closest to The Wine & Country Club, so you can go sailing anytime you please.


Marinas That Sit Closest To Ronda


Malaga province boasts a good number of marinas, and there is a good choice of watersports and high street shopping in and around them. And those with an interest in gastronomic, cultural and leisure pursuits are definitely well catered.


Puerto Banus


Exclusive Marbella is home to this glitzy and internationally acclaimed marina. Andalusian-style buildings, trendy boutiques and fine restaurants line the entire length and breadth of the marina. A playground for the rich and famous, here you can enjoy a well-rounded sailing experience.

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The marina provides the third largest berthing facilities in Malaga, with space for 447 boats. A benchmark in the province and in the whole Andalusia, Estepona is rapidly becoming a prestigious address, perfect for those seeking privacy and anonymity. Among the wide range of nautical activities and facilities, worth mentioning is the fishing port – one of the most important in the region, and its famous and typical Marenga cuisine restaurants.


La Duquesa


Also in Marbella, in an area that has retained a distinct Andalusian charm and character, is Puerto La Duquesa, which boasts spectacular views of the Strait of Gibraltar. This little-known marina is an excellent place for boat lovers or an afternoon of fishing. The seafront is lined with cafes and bars that come alive in the evening and an array of restaurants all offering quality dining and international cuisine. The marina also offers boat or kayak tours, and you will find that the fishing boats add to the charm of this pretty little seaside town.


Puerto deportivo de Marbella


High on our list is also Marbella’s official marina and harbour. Located next to the old town, the facilities can accommodate up to 400 boats. The marina also boasts a yacht club and a sailing school. Just moments from the marina sits the famous Santiago restaurant – one of the most renowned in the city.


La Bajadilla and Cabopino


These two marinas, which are located in Marbella, are Malaga at its purest. La Bajadilla boasts an exciting culinary scene for fresh fish and shellfish lovers. Here you can sample and indulge in the quintessential Marenga cuisine.




One of the best planned and serviced marinas in the world, Benalmadena is also known as Puerto Marina. It has long been rated among the very best in the world and has in fact won the “Best Marina In The World” award more than once over the last few years. A fantastic place for sailors and land-lovers alike, the marina has a great deal of amenities, bars and restaurants available – and is the perfect place to enjoy a drink al fresco whilst watching the boats and people go by.

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Extremely popular with both locals and tourists alike, the marina offers small cruises along the coast and dolphin watching safaris. A hub for watersports, the area also boasts a fishing port.


As you can see there are plenty of options for sailing. Just pick a marina to dock at and make the most of your new life at The Wine & Country Club.