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A Unique Wine – Only Available At The Wine & Country Club
Aug 10, 2021



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un vino único

As summer’s last stand comes to an end—with sweltering sunshine still largely holding out—and before the temperature turns on you, driving out the last lingering warm pockets of summer, you continue to enjoy those balmy evenings on your inviting wraparound porch. A beautifully-dressed table with thoughtful finishing touches creates a picture-perfect table setting, which is the ideal backdrop to today’s lovely alfresco lunch. The menu you have created brings all elements together and pays homage to this area that has so kindly welcomed you. You and your guests will wash it down with a very particular wine. A wine born out of love, passion, dedication and respect for the land. The vintage wine you have produced—with the help of La Melonera winery’s dedicated team of professionals—from your private vineyard. Your own wine label.

Your passion for wine-making and the area’s secluded ambience and beguiling natural landscape prompted you to dock at The Wine & Country Club, safe in the knowledge that, when the time was ripe, you would be allowed the possibility of working side by side with expert oenologists to produce a special, unique and personal wine created to tantalise the most discerning taste buds.


Why Is It Such A Special Wine?

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The cosseted and private vineyard on your winery estate at The Wine & Country Club has been carefully planned by Ana de Castro, the oenologist at La Melonera winery and the person responsible for all wine-related matters at the Club. She has advised you on the best native grape varieties and vines to plant, and has helped with nurturing and caring for your vineyard.

This bespoke project is unique in Europe. Where else would you find a place so charming and lovely, nestled in nature’s bounty, that impeccably blends modern comforts with traditional country living? A place where you can make use of all the services and amenities offered by the Club. A place that allows you to have your own vineyard right outside your front door. A place where you benefit from the sound advice and invaluable assistance of a winery of the calibre of La Melonera.

The experience of uncorking a bottle of your own wine label and enjoying it with family and friends is something rare – and only possible at The Wine & Country Club.


Melonera – A Certified Grape Variety


Aside from being a premium custom wine with your own private label, what makes this wine so special is its main grape variety – Melonera, which this summer has been registered as an authorised commercial variety.

This translates into a comprehensive grape quality standard, which guarantees that the registered varieties are suitable for consumption, have a proven quality standard and are healthy and disease-free.

Registering a grape varietyin this case the Melonera grape varietyis an arduous task of data collection. Since in 2008 the La Melonera winery began to recover some of these varieties, the team has worked long and hard, alongside the Research Centre of the regional executive of Andalusia, to locate nearly extinct wild vine varieties. After five long years of field and winery studies, where all aspects of each variety have been fully analysed, the Melonera grape variety has finally been included in the registry.

The perfect marriage of the La Melonera winery and The Wine & Country Club has yielded this exclusive and luxurious scheme, where it is possible to become the producer of an insanely delicious private label wine.