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The Experience Of Living On A Winery Estate
Dec 1, 2020



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Drops of morning dew shining on the freshly mown grass, the evocative smell of wet soil, the rustle of leaves, bird voices twittering into life, freshly watered vineyards… this is the view and scent you wake up to everyday in this quiet, unrushed, stress-free life of yours. You feel the bright morning light warm you up as you consider whether taking a gentle stroll down to see the grapes ripen, or taking Romeo out of the stable and hacking out to the Serrania.

You have grown extremely fond of your morning routine, which would have been unthinkable and unfeasible just a few months ago, back when you used to go everywhere by car, and the air you breathed was filled with contaminants and fumes. But you left that life behind, it is water under the bridge; and now you count yourself fortunate to be able to breathe this clean and pure air, and simply focus on just that—breathing—. Here, meditation and mindfulness take on a whole new dimension; truth be told, you often find yourself being mindful and meditating when you least expect it—while having your usual solid breakfast, when taking a shower, or simply while resting in your organic cotton hammock on the terrace for hours on end, gazing at the mountains you now call home.

You like to complement this rediscovered tranquillity with a perfectly paired game of golf and some fine Andalusian cuisine. Aside from indulging in the delicacies of the local Michelin-starred restaurants and trying out the best golf courses, what you love the most is meeting around the garden table, right there by the pool, and sharing precious time with your loved ones.

You owe an enormous debt to The Wine & Country Club for its innovative concept and the invaluable sensory experience it provides. The winery estate that remained unsold when you contacted the Club, was just what you wanted and needed. Located at the west end and affording unbeatable views of the natural surrounding beauty, it features organic vineyard, kitchen garden, orchard and private swimming pool.

Your Very Own Haven Of Peace

Living on a winery estate means enjoying a delightful, intimate and secluded setting, and fully developing yourself through the production of your own wine. In addition, its design and structure are intended to help you seamlessly blend in with the natural surroundings. Landscaper Rocio Sainz de Rozas has left nothing to chance and has orchestrated everything right down to the last detail.

These contrasting properties are characterised by classic and traditional styling, or unique contemporary design. Since you opted for the latter, you benefit from larger independent spaces and a practical, minimalist and versatile property layout that fits you to a T. Moreover, having stamped your bubbly personality on your winery estate has created a genuine sense of ownership. Your home really reflects your style and taste, and meets your comfort, functionality, layout and elegance standards.

Here you have regained a will to live mindfully and savour the good times, which springs from a very deep love for the land. It is precisely this love that reminds you that the sky is the limit, and life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.

An organic vineyard, kitchen garden and orchard that have your name written all over them

Your new property sprawls out over six hectares—60,000 square metres of pure indulgence and well-being—. A large part is devoted to your vineyard; the very same vineyard that harvest after harvest provides you with a full-bodied red that has become the most anticipated Christmas gift among your friends.

Your home occupies another large part of the plot and the rest is dedicated to your organic kitchen garden and orchard. Although you had never cultivated a taste for a life of farming, you must admit that you now love caring for your own fruit trees, growing the best seasonal veggies, producing the finest wine… in short, everything you need to live at peace with yourself; and you have The Wine & Country Club to thank for that.

However, living on a winery estate is not at odds with an active social, cultural and leisure life. For some good old hustle and bustle you have cosmopolitan Marbella just a short drive away, and a little further down rises the city of Malaga and its grandeur—the second oldest city in Europe and one of the most visited cultural towns—. You also have quick access to several international airports (after all, business life goes on and so does your travelling) and to all the wonders Andalusia has to offers.

It is this perfect fusion that you have only been able to find at The Wine & Country Club that holds you completely fascinated and spellbound.