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Jun 28, 2023



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“It has been a long journey but believe me when I tell you it was totally worth it.
I know… business, work, family, the highs and the lows, life in general… it all takes a toll on you”.

You have finally made it. Now make yourself at home, sit back and relax. Can I pour you a glass of wine? You must be tired. It has been a long journey but believe me when I tell you it was totally worth it.

I know… business, work, family, the highs and the lows, life in general… it all takes a toll on you.

But the time has come for you to enjoy your well-deserved reward… and it will not be just any reward, far from it!

Your reward will be equal to the task.

I have arranged to meet you here because I want to tell you of a place that very few know about, and only a privileged few can grasp. Before I delve into the details, allow me first to ask you to do something for me.

I need you to take off your watch and rest itfacedownon the table; now close your eyes. 

There is a place where time stands still and freezes into an endless balmy summer night. A quiet oasis amidst holm oaks, olive groves and vineyards where the hushed silence invites you to commune with beauty and the natural surroundings. 

In one of southern Spain’s most charming town—Ronda—, a whimsical and lively meadow sprawls out over 200 hectares. It is the perfect place to breathe in the pure air and gaze at a serene yet vibrant rolling countryside of woodland and fields… day in, day out.

A romantic land of bandits, flamenco singers and bullfighters, and the gateway to the towering Sierra de Grazalema mountain range, Ronda has successfully juxtaposed exoticism and tradition and bids a wonderfully dramatic landscape that you could call home.

Picture a place where you can lead a different kind of life—a slow, unhurried life where you take the time to enjoy everything the land has to offer. A place to restore links with nature. A place where your privacy is preserved and you receive the attention and care you so deserve. A place where work can be pure pleasure surrounded by nature’s bounty and well-being.

Picture the ideal context to reconnect with yourself, your family and your friends. The perfect setting to live mindfully in the here and now, only to realise that everything is finally fine and that you do not want for nothing. 

Imagine producing your own wine and learning from the very best winemakers and sommeliers. Imagine finally gathering your closest friends around a table and sharing with them a wine that bears your unmistakable imprint.

Imagine growing your own tomatoes—that really taste like tomatoes—in your very own organic kitchen garden, preparing succulent dishes and cooking over low heat with your family while sipping a glass of wine.

Now imagine you can have it all. The peace and quiet that only nature can provide. The hustle that vibrant Marbella can offer, just half an hour away. The privacy of a dinner on your property’s porch and a three-Michelin starred experience. Horseback riding in a stunning meadow, sharing little confidences, and golfing in one of the fabulous and award-winning courses along the Costa del Sol.

Now open your eyes. The story I have just told you is that of The Wine & Country Club and it may also be your story. A story that can become your new way of life. The life you so deserve.

Living a dream


The Wine & Country Club extends far beyond all the possibilities that you can imagine. It is an opportunity to live in your own winery estatea luxury for the privileged few, a dream come true.

It is about living a life surrounded by nature, wine and the creature comforts offered by a Club that provides concierge services.

It is about building a home that seamlessly blends into the meadow landscape rolling before your eyes. A home nestled in nature’s bounty, where the Serrania de Ronda’s gorgeous weather will help merge outdoor and indoor living into a single warm, welcoming and sophisticated accommodation space.

From soil to soul

To end on a positive note, I am going to ask you to close your eyes one more time and give free rein to your imagination.

Night falls and you just got back from riding out with your daughters. You take a plunge into your swimming pool and feel a tingling sensation… life has not felt this good in so long!

That sense of calm, feeling that everything is just fine, that you do not want for nothing, that everything you have and everything you need is in the here and now. And you head to your cellar and carefully choose the bottles of wine that you have lovingly produced from your very own vineyard, which you will crack open that evening to entertain your guests who have come from afar to visit with you.

And they finally arrive, and the table is set in the gazebo. And the tomatoes you yourself have painstakingly grown, taste heavenly. And the cheese platter you have ordered in, pairs perfectly with the winea little party in your mouth with every bite. And you play soft music and everyone is cheerfully chatting away whilst they eat, drink and are merry. 

And the evening’s table talk touches on the fascinating story of the wine you are all sipping. You tell them about the melonera grape that fell into oblivion and nearly became extinct were it not for the firm commitment of a group of courageous entrepreneurs who decided to bring it back to life in their own land. 

And far into the night, when everyone has retired to rest at the hotel, you sit pensive on the terrace and realise that the story you have told about La Melonera indeed reminds you of your own historyand how you so staunchly believed in yourself, with poise, outsmarting all uncertainties. 

That story reminds you of how you made it and how you notched up yet another success… and so you raise your glass of wine here at The Wine & Country Club and you think to yourself ‘from soil to soul’, that is what it is all about.