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Making Quality Time Is Better Than Winning The Christmas Lottery
Dec 21, 2021



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The date was 21 November when, upon visiting The Wine & Country Club and becoming the proud owner of one of its exquisite wine estates, you knew you had lucked out.

Hitting the jackpot need not just be winning a financial award. An iron constitution, or not losing out on time for oneself are but a few examples of how one can luck out. And that is precisely how you hit the jackpot when you took the plunge and decided to relocate to Ronda, to your new wine property at The Wine & Country Club.

Since then, you wake up every morning feeling as juiced as any jackpot winner on the planet. Waking up surrounded by the Sierra de Grazalema and Sierra de las Nieves is something not many can boast about. A spacious and harmonious living space designed by you for your full enjoyment of life is complemented by your private hobby vineyard, which last winter yielded the first bottles of your own wine label. A beautiful deep red with a good nose of red and black wild fruit aromas – the doing and magic of oenologist Ana de Castro, who supported you every step of the way helping you master the art of grape growing, looking after the vines, easing you into the wine-making aspect, and turning your grapes into an award-winning vintage wine.

invierte en salud

You also count your blessings that the Club provided you with a top-notch organic kitchen garden designed by Véronique Gladstone.

Where else would you find all the creature comforts provided by The Wine & Country Club, which came as an enormous boon? Three days was all it took for you to learn the answer and fall head over heels with your new life.

Precious Quality Time At The Wine & Country Club

To live at The Wine & Country Club is to live according to a philosophy of mind that is a long way from your previous way of life. Here in Ronda you discovered that the climate, the people, and the air you breathe bears little resemblance to what you left behind. Basically you did not lose out on anything. Quite the opposite, you gained health, peace of mind, and quality time.

Funny how on your new wine estate you seem to find time for all sort of things – checking out your vineyard rows, popping into the winery to chat with Ana about your harvest, asking Véronique for some of those beautiful organic tomatoes she offered you last week … Beyond the confines of the Club the opportunities are also endless: boat trips, shooting some golf, hacking out to Sierra de Grazalema or testing your wheels on the Ascari Club racing circuit are just a few options now available to you. The sky is the limit in this new life of yours. No more stress and haste, no more traffic jams. Now you can dine out any day of the week because, even though you sleep the same amount of hours, you now feel so much more rested.

invierte en salud

Having the good fortune of building some time into your day just for you, making time for your loved ones, finding time to visit Ronda and Malaga province—or to travel abroad—, claiming back time for your pet hobbies or to simply enjoy the passage of time from the comfort of your own terrace are examples of how you lucked out when you relocated to The Wine & Country Club. 

Definitely, The Wine & Country Club is like a winning lottery ticket – only better!