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Invest In Your Health At The Wine & Country Club
Nov 9, 2021



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Perhaps you have heard that old adage, “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”

It is a well-known fact that investing in health is key if one is to enjoy one’s (only) life and feel blessed. However, today’s frenzied pace of life prevents us, at times, from seeing beyond our daily duties. Our ancestors were well aware of this: you need to burst with vitality to have hope, which means spending quality time with yourself and those around you.

How right some people are in pointing out that quality time is the most important thing. Time can be devoted to just anyone or invested in futile matters, but the addition of the adjective ‘quality’ makes all the difference. It emphasises even further the need to be aware of the fact that you are indeed enjoying yourself, doing what you really feel like doing, forming new memories of moments of true happiness. In short, everything that makes the passage of time worthwhile. 

Your arrival at The Wine & Country Club has driven change in your life and has put a high value on how you spend quality time. Starting a new life, in a privileged place, has become an investment in health.

invierte en salud

Health Perks Of Living On A Wine Estate At The Wine & Country Club


The minute you set foot at The Wine & Country Club you knew you had made the right decision. The main stress indicators disappeared as if by magic. That splitting headache you suffered from day in, day out, was all of a sudden gone. Gone, too, were insomnia, grouchiness, and that gloomy sense of sadness … It only took a few days to completely free yourself.

But that is not all. As the prestigious Mayo Clinic pointed out back in 2018: “There is growing evidence linking poor stress management to physical illnesses.” It has been confirmed that the hormones affected by stress cause the immune system to function less efficiently when fighting viruses, bacteria and other harmful external agents. Therefore, stressed individuals are more susceptible to disease.

But not only is the immune system impacted. Stress-related bodily symptoms include stomach complaints and digestive ailments, cardiovascular disorders, and muscle pain. 

It did not take much to realise that your life needed to take a turn and that investing in health was a wise investment. The possibility of making small but meaningful changes in your life presented itself when you discovered The Wine & Country Club and the superior quality of life it offered.

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Ronda Living – Quality Living


Living on the wine estates at The Wine & Country Club provides optimum health and quality of life in a unique environment. Located in an ancient meadowland to the west of Malaga province, in beautiful Ronda, and adjacent to Cadiz—fondly called tacita de plata (silver teacup) by locals—, these wine properties combine the kind of exclusivity, privacy, luxury and comfort only available to a privileged few.

Why is The Wine & Country Club your preferred space for health and wellness? Well, that is easy: not only does its surrounding setting allow you to connect with what is truly important, but also, and thanks to the Club, you are able to access a wide range of ‘healthy’ services – everything that really makes you happy. Whether that is a day spent improving your golf game, or touring the Sierra de las Nieves among cherry trees, yews and ferns, or indulging in a spa session booked by the Club’s Client Concierge service. You find the latter particularly relaxing and gratifying.

Thanks to the Club’s exclusive Client Concierge service, you will always be guaranteed a table at the best restaurants, a private booth at the hottest clubs, or, simply, a little nook to take in the sights and Ronda’s natural beauty.

The kind of lifestyle that awaits you at The Wine & Country Club will make you forget all about stress.