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Everything And Anything Your Winery Estate Desires
May 18, 2021



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You were biding your time waiting for the chance to sneak a slice of heaven, when the opportunity presented itself in the form of an exclusive winery estate at The Wine & Country Club. Now, look at yourself: you are the proud owner of everything you always dreamed of—your very own space customised to your liking, nestled in nature’s bounty, right in the heart of the hilly Serrania de Ronda. Life here has taken a whole new meaning and every day boosts a sense of contentedness and happiness.

Each winery estate at The Wine & Country Club is unique and lovingly designed to make country living an experience second to none. All the estates share a common natural environment and some key features, making these vineyard villas something of a luxurious rarity in Ronda.

Your Private Vineyard


An inviting and idyllic setting if ever there was one, with plenty of space and an expansive land where legendary grape varieties have been recovered, and where wine aficionados have the possibility of gathering in their own harvest and producing their signature wine.

With ca. 7 hectares of private land provided by The Wine & Country Club for each winery estate, the opportunity has become ripe for you to go about the task and test out your green fingers. Where else would you find a place so charming and lovely that allows you to have your own vineyard right outside your front door?

But there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. In addition to owning a sizeable plot of land and growing a good selection of vines, the expert and sound advice of Ana de Castro—La Melonera’s oenologist—was invaluable to you when it came to producing your own wine.


An Organic Kitchen Garden And Orchard


As you started to slow down your life’s pace and time began to stand still, you came to terms with the importance of growing your own food. That is when you decided to start your organic kitchen garden and orchard, and began to cultivate a taste for a life of farming.

You wisely decided to plant it at the south-western end and began to reap a bumper harvest. That was when you discovered just how beneficial to your mental and physical health gardening is!


A Spectacular Garden Swimming Pool


It is not for nothing that Malaga is popularly known as the sunshine province: it has more days of annual sunshine and less rainfall than elsewhere in Andalusia. Against this backdrop, an outdoor pool is practically a must. Calmly gazing in wonder at your swimming pool from the comfort of your porch has become one of your day-to-day pleasures. Diving in and doing some laps early in the morning during the hottest months or just cooling off at sunset is one of the most rewarding experiences of living at The Wine & Country Club.


A Space Which Is Somewhere In-Between Indoor And Outdoor Living


Appearing as a natural extension of your winery estate, the terrace is accessed via French doors from the living room and is the ideal setting for balmy al-fresco dining and putting the world to rights over a bottle of your fine red. Nothing beats having friends and family over and enjoying a lavish meal under the pergola—which provides a shady alcove in which to relax on a summer’s day—, whilst witnessing the magnificent spectacle unfolding before your eyes. This is the sort of sensory experience that only a winery estate at The Wine & Country Club can offer.


Expansive Landscaped Grounds


All the greenery you could want is right outside your front door—here herbs and flowers merrily mingle and the breathtaking beauty of the Serrania de Ronda is all around you. In addition to the exclusive hectares of well-tended parkland that your winery estate benefits from, being nestled in a green haven is an added bonus. Fields that stretch for miles on end await you; endless routes and trails wend their way through leafy woodland and sunny meadows, ready for you to hit them with your bicycle. Two imposing mountain ranges provide shelter and the area’s natural parks are great for recreational activities. To top it all off, the shores of the Mediterranean, a tranquil paradise on Earth, are a short 1-hour drive from The Wine & Country Club.

Indoor Recreational Areas


The inside of your winery estate is generous with living spaces that are exclusively dedicated to your hobbies. Take for instance reading—your winery estate boasts a well-stocked private library that is the envy of all your neighbours—; painting (you made a floor-to-ceiling mural where you gave free rein to your imagination); manual arts—you created a dedicated studio for your sculpture, clay and do-it-yourself projects—, and finally you built a cinema room equipped with the latest movie theatre technology and comfortable tiered sofas. Having enough room in your home to indulge in your favourite pastimes was just the icing on the cake.