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“To Live At The Wine & Country Club Is To Live Life To The Fullest”
Feb 9, 2021



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Upon arriving, we are welcomed by every imaginable shade of green, along with a fresh orange-blossom and jasmine scent. Before us, a spectacular vineyard stretches away as far as the eye can see. Such are the pleasurable sensations we experience upon entering William’s winery estate at The Wine & Country Club, an innovative project—and a well hidden tale of quality and bon vivre lifestyle for all its residents—that has made a fundamental change in William’s life.

A unique residential concept, never before seen in southern Europe, nestled in a unique setting—the city of Ronda in Malaga—. A place where its residents are part of something larger; much larger. Winery estates that benefit from private vineyards and all-important creature comforts, thanks to the services provided by the Club.

“I never dreamed that living in a place like this was possible; and the best part is that I didn’t need to travel very far to find it” and so, with these introductory words, William begins to share with us the ins and outs of life at The Wine & Country Club.

A fine piece of land—each estate’s area ranges between 5 and 7 hectares—where William has started a brand new life. “As you can see, my new home is somewhere between the exclusive and the worldly, and it sits in the purest natural environment you can possibly find.” We head to the porch and make ourselves comfortable on the garden day beds while he lets us in on the journey that took him to The Wine & Country Club. 

A top position in one of the most reputable international power companies left him virtually no time to devote to family or friends or to enjoy life. “I was headquartered in Madrid, but I used to travel so much for work that it wouldn’t have made any difference if my home base had been elsewhere. I had very little time to enjoy being at home; besides, we all know what life is like in a large city like Madrid”.

Taking the plunge took true commitment; “When you have settled into the frenzied pace of city life, it’s hard to slow down” says William, to further add that it is the bravest decision he has ever made.


“I really enjoy exploring the world of wine. Both my wife and I love sharing little confidences over a glass of red; and I even remember a trip we took to California to visit the Sonoma Valley vineyards. Wine is very much present in our lives and it is a shared fondness.” Well, we fully understand why this winery estate concept so strongly appealed to them.

When asked about how he actually discovered The Wine & Country Club, William chuckles. “You won’t believe it, but it all started one fine evening when I was tapping through my Instagram. I must admit that I am fond of Instagram and I draw inspiration from peering into its stories. I suddenly spotted a post about The Wine & Country Club. It was a short video—too short, if you ask me—but enough to capture my attention and arouse my curiosity; and so I clicked on it to see similar posts. The way they explained what life was like over here, the natural beauty, the wine… it reawakened something childlike in me that I hadn’t felt in years.”

William continues to explain how he checked all related posts, browsed the website and made a note to call the next day. Something was brewing inside him; he knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and was determined not to miss it. “At home, we like to think that it was The Wine & Country Club that chose us, and not the other way around. It is not uncommon for me to check social media content and newspaper ads on a daily basis, but that short video ignited something in me; I knew this was just the perfect opportunity for me.”

“The personalised inspection visit we booked was absolutely decisive. I was thrilled to be a part of this project”, says William. The fact is that Ana—the winemaker—talks about the land, the vines and the tapestry meadow with such passion that it is virtually impossible not to get carried away. “Ronda’s magic is truly enchanting. When you’re here, you garner a sense of belonging; it’s the sheer magic that enshrouds this place.”

A few months later, William and his family settled in The Wine & Country Club, eager to start living their lives to the fullest.


Life AT The Wine & Country Club


“The first days felt as if we were vacationing in a hotel perched amidst a blossoming vineyard in the lush green countryside. We could hardly believe it was happening to us; I actually pinched myself to ensure I wasn’t dreaming”, says Serena—William’s wife—amusingly. “Picture this: enjoying breakfast on the porch, having a vineyard backdrop and bright blue skies to adorn your work day, going on a restorative horseback ride across holm oaks and olive groves at the end of the day… Isn’t that just absolutely perfect?”

“It’s not about turning your life upside down. I mean, it’s not like I quit my job to live a contemplative life in the country, not at all. We both keep working; we are just lucky we are able to do it remotely from anywhere. I still travel, albeit much less than I used to, but life still goes on pretty much as it did. I have simply made some small (big) changes”, says William quite happily.

And his words resonate well with us. “The real change has been in learning to slow down—whenever possible—and, unlike in Madrid, to do it in a unique environment, where we can really connect with ourselves,” says Serena.

William and Serena chose a contemporary well-balanced home with a flowing layout. “Working hand in hand with professionals of the likes of Torras y Sierra has been a truly rewarding experience. They guided us every step of the way and took all our preferences to heart to tailor-make our living spaces.” The fact is that the owners of the properties with private vineyards at The Wine & Country Club have the possibility of working side by side with one of the most reputable architectural firms.

The conversation now turns to Ronda and Malaga, the area where they have decided to put down roots. “We had of course visited Malaga in the past, but in a different way, just passing through. It’s a whole new ball game now; we are now part of the regular crowd.” In addition, the short distance between The Wine & Country Club and Malaga or Marbella, among other southern cities, make this place a strategic location for everyday life. “Here we have it all: cultural, leisure and sports pursuits, the sea… There’s no other place we’d rather be than here.”

We are all still sitting on the porch, gazing across the meadow and the vineyards as the sun begins to fall. As we raise a glass to the mountains and see out the day in style with William and Serena, we cannot imagine a better place to live at than The Wine & Country Club.