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Curl Up With A Good Book & Enjoy Life In The Slow Lane
Dec 22, 2020



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novelas para disfrutar del slow life

You know what slow living is all about.

Indeed, you yourself started enjoying life in the slow lane not too long ago, and this has allowed you to devote quality time to the activities you really enjoy and want to do. This is the reason why you became the proud owner of a winery estate at The Wine & Country Club. 

Bright sunny mornings spent on the terrace, where the air is filled with the scent of your freshly watered vineyards. Having breakfast with your loved ones, followed by leisurely strolls in the rolling hills on your 6-hectare estate or hacking out to the Serrania on Lince’s back. Lince is a Purebred Spanish Horse that has been with you for 2 years and, along with your new life at the Club, are among the best decisions you have made in life.

Your favourite after-dinner pastime, in this calm and reinvigorating new life of yours, is browsing through your personal well-stocked library and plunging into a book, whilst nibbling on cheese and sipping a glass of your fine red. You particularly relish the stories you can relate to and those where the author makes you feel as if he/she was telling your own story.

You curl up on the sofa and become more and more engrossed as plots unfold in unique and captivating ways… this is the closest to heaven that you have been in a long, long time.


 5 Novels For Your New Slow Life


We would like to recommend five acclaimed paperbacks that will make the perfect companion as you enjoy your new home, space and environment.

Happy slow reading! 

Alegria, by Manuel Vilas. A man who carries the weight of his past and future dreams, casts light on his story—through his own memories—and that of his generation and his country. At times, his recollection hurts, but it always makes for good company. Winner of the 2019 Premio Planeta, the novel walks the line between confession and self-fiction; here, the past propels the story into what is yet to happen. A relentless quest for joy. 

La vida desnuda, by Monica Carrillo. Winning the 2020 Premio Azorin has launched to fame a novel that is very much in sync with current events, and is renowned not only for the journalist that signs this paperback, but also for the story it tells. When Gala returns home to bid her grandmother farewell, she soon discovers that nothing is what it seems with her family—despite appearances, or better yet, because of them, they all have a public life they show to the world, a private life they share with only a privileged few, and a secret life that remains hidden from everyone—. Little by little, she will peel off layers of the lives and choices made by her parents, brother and aunt. As secrets unveil, Gala will discover herself and what her life had been missing.

La Ciudad de Vapor, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. As a precious part of his posthumous legacy, the recently departed contemporary novelist has left us a collection of stories specially dedicated to the followers of his renowned saga, which began with The Shadow of the Wind. Among them, a boy decides to become a writer upon discovering that his ideas spark the interest of the rich girl who has stolen his heart. An architect flees Constantinople armed with the floor plans of an impenetrable library. A strange gentleman tries to entice Cervantes to write a book like no other. This is a novel to be enjoyed through the eyes of a child whenever we fancy some good, pleasant, light reading that puts a smile on our face.

The Enigma of Room 622, by Joel Dicker. Who does not love a gripping thriller? The unsolved murder that took place in room 622 of a Swiss luxury hotel a while back will now prompt a famous author and a young amateur writer to investigate what really happened back then. With clockwork precision, the story immerses the reader in its ins and outs and keeps us captivated until the very end. 

Trilogia Reina Roja, by Juan Gomez Jurado. This collection of first-rate thrillers comprising Reina Roja, Loba Negra and Rey Blanco, which has shot to fame its beloved protagonist—Antonia Scott—will keep you engrossed on the stories, turn of events, unforeseen circumstances and surprises to the point that you will not be able to put the books down. This trilogy is perfect for those lazy afternoons of reading and watching the sunset over the mountains.