About Us


The Wine & Country Club is a unique model for life and leisure, built around wine and good food located in the heart of the Ronda mountain range and designed with a profound sense of respect for nature and tradition. Wine-growing haciendas, local ecosystem, vineyards and a winery; Light, elegance, sustainability… and the spirit of the Mediterranean; TWCC is all this and much more.


Prestige: Torras y Sierra architects

We have entrusted the design of our development to the very finest experts: prestigious architects Torras y Sierra are in charge of ensuring building excellence, bringing an elegant contemporary air and complete comfort to your home and its surroundings.
They will work with you, tailoring your living spaces exclusively to your needs.
Large French windows, creepers, porches and a swimming pool…, all marvellous vantage points from which to observe the passing of the seasons across the landscape and the vineyards. Villas integrated into the landscape and designed to delight.