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An Increasingly Large Number Of People Want To Live In Natural Surroundings
Jun 23, 2022



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vivir espacio natural

Living surrounded by nature’s bounty is extremely beneficial and helps to strike a balance between the physical and mental aspects of a person’s health. The positive aspects that increasingly lead more families to look for a new home surrounded by greenery respond to the need to get away from pollution (as one of the factors affecting the person’s physical health) and to relieve stress in their daily lives (as one of the factors affecting the person’s mental health).

Nature plays a purifying role for the body and mind. An environment of fresh air, freedom, and protected natural flora is a rare privilege.

It must not be forgotten that natural spaces are not only positive for people, but are also essential to protect the planet, so natural processes are not subjected to sudden changes and natural resources are not deteriorated. Finding a way for nature to bring us and itself benefits is possible.

5 Reasons That Make Living In A Natural Space A Luxury

Firstly, in the absence of pollution, our lungs are progressively purified. The act of inhaling and exhaling of (clean) air favours a more agile respiratory tract through which the air circulates better. This is directly linked to increased lung capacity, less fatigue, and fewer breathing problems. 

vendimia en The Wine & Country Club

After that, stress reduction is a given. Avoiding crowds, rushing and being constantly on the lookout for the possibility of running late or not making it in time is an aggravating factor of the stress experienced in cities.

The opposite of what happens in a natural space, where time seems to go by more slowly and people can wring every ounce out of their time. Also, the deeper silence and being able to live life in the slow lane are a plus.

The third reason is the increase in the quality of sleep. Natural spaces, in addition to being quiet, are usually cool at night.

That coupled with sleep-inducing qualities such as a deeper silence, and little or no light pollution, promotes healthy sleep patterns.

The fourth reason is the undoubted improved nutrition. In a natural area in the country, you can always find local and home-made products for much more nutritious meals.

This has a direct positive impact on the digestive system with lighter digestions.

And, fifthly, natural and green outdoor spaces encourage playing sports and doing exercise.

In short, natural spaces favour a much healthier and beneficial life for our body.

Ronda – The Quintessential Natural Space

Why is Ronda a luxury natural space? Firstly, the Serrania de Ronda, with its 1,900-metre high Torrecilla peak in the Sierra de las Nieves, is one of Andalusia’s green havens. A privileged viewpoint, nestled in nature’s bounty, it is the perfect setting for hiking, riding a bicycle, and starting a new life.

As for its part, the city of Ronda, with its cobbled streets bursting with multicultural history, offers a spectacle of sensations through its architecture, such as the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), its fine cuisine—restaurant Bardal is a great example—, and its fauna in the Serrania. The size of the city is extremely convenient, easy to visit and get around, and easy to get to and from The Wine & Country Club’s secluded haven of wine estates. Discover the scheme’s impressive wine properties and start living in the quintessential natural space with all the creature comforts you could possibly expect.