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The Reasons Why La Caldera Is The Perfect Home
Jun 9, 2022



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When picturing the perfect home, one must consider not only the exterior and interior architecture, but also other elements such as location, degree of comfort, and surrounding landscape.

In the case of La Caldera, one of The Wine & Country Club’s magnificent wine estates located in Ronda, we guarantee it has exquisitely executed spaces, a high level of specification and finish, and all the creature comforts and amenities necessary to be the perfect home. Let us see in detail why La Caldera meets all the key requirements.

What Makes The Perfect Home?

A good layout, the right building materials and colours for each space, adequate natural lighting, great attention to detail, well-tended landscaped grounds, and creature comforts such as a swimming pool make the right combination to design the dream home.

First Impressions – The Façade

The façade acts as the finest form of advertisement. Clean lines, bright and airy neutral tones combined with textured finishes, and lush greenery extend a warm welcome and beckon you to discover the rest of the home.


The sun-filled and roomy entryway betokens a wealth of space throughout the property and features fine details, such as natural accents, a statement mirror, flower arrangements, and a console table that is both beautiful and functional.

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The layout is closely linked to the wealth of space—meaning, one is the result of the other, and vice versa. The living space must be designed in such a way as to allow free and unobstructed movement. La Caldera has embraced an open-plan layout and has further created a variation on lighting and colours to differentiate between spaces.

Building Materials

The perfect home must combine warmth and elegance, and be equally welcoming. To that end, La Caldera has opted for wood walls and flooring. Wood is a warm and elegant foundation for every season, and glorious in winter when we want to batten down the hatches and enjoy a cosy home.

Natural Light

An abundance of natural light—also in the bathroom— is a must in the perfect home. Natural light makes a home more welcoming, spacious, beautiful, bright and energy efficient.

The Kitchen And The Bathrooms – Functional Spaces

The perfect kitchen must be functional, tidy, and make room for all the kitchenware and accessories, such as a bottle rack, a spice rack, etc. In addition, the use of resistant and easy-to-clean materials will make upkeeping easier.

For its part, the bathroom is no longer just a functional area – it must also purvey a wonderful ambiance of peace and relaxation.

The Bedrooms

Bedrooms are purely rest areas where everything must be in harmony and allow free movement. The master bedroom al La Caldera features a dressing room where all clothes, footwear and accessories can be nicely and neatly stored – no leaving items scattered around the room required.

The property’s guest bedroom also features a small wardrobe and dresser where guests can nicely store their belongings during their visit.

Landscaped Outdoor Areas

Another essential element to wind down is the landscaped outdoor area, which boasts a manicured garden, well-tended grounds and a terrace featuring a six-piece teak patio furniture set.

An Added Bonus – A Private Hobby Vineyard and Wine Cellar

As the perfect home, La Caldera also boasts a private hobby vineyard and wine cellar. Those two elements are sure to win the heart of any self-respecting and passionate wine aficionado like you. Shopping for a wine property with private hobby vineyard where you can grow grapes for enjoyment, master the craft of artisan wine production, and produce your own organic and bespoke vintages, is all you have dreaming of and have finally found at The Wine & Country Club.

Why Is La Caldera The Perfect Home?


Sprawling out over 750 square metres, La Caldera proudly boasts ample and delicately decorated spaces, large terraces, landscaped grounds, a swimming pool, spectacular views of nature at its finest, and a well-stocked wine cellar that is the envy of all your friends.