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Ronda – The City That Connects You To The World
May 26, 2022



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Despite being a landlocked town in Malaga province, Ronda possesses great coastal charm and benefits from excellent transport links. Not for nothing Ronda is considered to be one of the Andalusian cities that is best served by public transport. Located just 100 kilometres from Malaga’s Costa del Sol airport, in just a few hours you can visit other Spanish capitals such as Barcelona or Bilbao, as well as European cities such as majestic Moscow or Milan, the city of fashion.

But the plane is not the only means of transport available from Ronda. The train is the second best means of travel serving Malaga followed by an extensive network of highways and turnpike roads, which will go down a treat with petrolheads. Last but not least, Malaga is also a port city with regular ferry routes and cruise ships.

With your base camp set on your wine estate at The Wine & Country Club, just choose your preferred means of transport and set sail!

compras ecológicas en Ronda

Five Must-Visit Destinations Reachable From The Wine & Country Club

As already mentioned, whether by air or by land and sea, you will be able to travel and revisit exceptional destinations over and over again. Travelling to and from has never been as easy as from your wine estate in Ronda. We give you the lowdown on 5 unique places to explore.


The historic Belgian city is well worth a visit, even if it is just for a quick getaway. Its charm lies in its most iconic the Diamond District – a mere 2.5 square kilometres boasting the greatest goldsmiths. Currently, 80% of the world’s diamonds travel through Antwerp. In addition, such is the care and dedication of diamond craftsmen that they have their own private police to preserve the district’s safety.


The animated film The Town Musicians of Bremen has put this small German town in the map again. A charming town, as is the case with all small German cities, Bremen showcases its famous Mill, its main streets ablaze with many representative statues—including those from the film—, and its evangelical cathedral.


Casablanca is exotic Morocco for bazaar and tea enthusiasts. In addition to its typical architecture, its beach in the La Cornisa area is also worth a visit. As for shopping, the Morocco Mall—the most luxurious in the country, and one of the most outstanding in the world—is the place to be at.


For winter sports enthusiasts and skiing freaks, visiting Geneva from Malaga is a luxury. The Swiss Alps are a snow lover’s delight. In addition, you can indulge in its exquisite cheeses (such as Gruyère or Raclette) and luxuriate in its desserts made with the best national chocolate.


The Finnish capital is a must-visit destination, even more so this time of year when the greatest spectacle of nature, the northern lights, begins. Peak months are January and February and you will do well to dress warmly to enjoy the unique show. Midnight is the best time of day to see the lights, which go on for thirty seconds to several hours. This is a must-enjoy experience, at least once a lifetime.