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Essential Elements That Cannot Fail To Be Present On La Caldera
May 12, 2022



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Starting a new life on one of The Wine & Country Club’s 28 exclusive wine estates means being in the ideal setting and integrating all the essential elements that cannot fail to be present in a dream home.

Located just 10 kilometres from majestic Ronda and 100 kilometres from Malaga—the provincial capital—, The Wine & Country Club is a unique residential scheme in Southern Europe where you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and the finest wine from native grapes brought back to life thanks to the La Melonera winery.

A secluded gated community of wine properties, the project benefits from excellent transport links and a quintessential Client Concierge Service.

Other benchmark elements present on La Caldera include a personalised design conducted by the prestigious Malaga-based Torras & Sierra architectural firm, and your personal touches.

The Inside Of Your Wine Estate

Soul, jazz and R&B beats reverberate through the 750-square metre property La Caldera to start the day in a good mood, for a long afternoon of reading, or during your morning meditation on the terrace.

vendimia en The Wine & Country Club

Your well-stocked library has outgrown its clothes, so now the living room, the backyard swing, and the high stool on the kitchen island have become fantastic reading nooks.

Your walls are dressed with magnificent art pieces from your private art collection. Ronda has proven to be a fantastic source of art – there are a number of galleries you often visit to turn your wine property into an art temple.

Also you are all about home décor. So it is little wonder that you have turned the property’s classic and traditional styling into a unique contemporary design, and added personal touches, such as the display cabinet with your vintage relics, or a custom-made sideboard for all your designer ties, which you inherited from your father and grandfather and make for a perfect vintage collection.

La Caldera’s Exterior

Not only does the inside of La Caldera have all the necessary elements to be the perfect home. The outside features the two elements that fully won your heart – the private hobby vineyard and organic vegetable garden.


Private Hobby Vineyard

Hectares of private vineyards in the foothills of the Serrania de Ronda growing at the foot of your wine estate. This is the highlight of your new residence and it offers you the possibility to grow grapes for enjoyment, and produce your own organic and bespoke vintages.

In addition, thanks to the La Melonera winery’s services, you have access to native grapes that were consigned to oblivion and nearly became extinct, but were luckily brought back to life by the winery’s expert team.


Organic Vegetable Garden And Orchard

Fine cuisine is another one of your passions. In fact, one of your favourite pastime is to dine in Michelin-starred restaurants that champion local produce and advocate a farm-to-fork philosophy. Thanks to your organic vegetable garden and orchard, you can now enjoy organic and ecological fruits and vegetables.

The Club’s organic gardens are managed by Véronique Gladstone, who is completely devoted to growing vegetables in a fully organic way.

The opportunity of a lifetime, closing on the La Caldera property is the best decision you have ever made – and you would do it again without giving it a second thought.