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The Style Of Architecture Of A Wine Estate
Apr 21, 2022



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Whilst architecture defines a property’s structure and style in line with homeowners’ tastes and requirements, and lays the foundations of a house, interior design adds the finishing touch to a home. Architects are the artists behind the wine estates at The Wine & Country Club.

In our case, the prestigious Malaga-based Torras & Sierra architectural firm has been entrusted with designing and steering the construction process of the 28 contrasting, bespoke, elegant and exclusive wine properties at The Wine & Country Club.

Their team of architects and designers will walk you through the entire process, guiding you every step of the way. They will team up with you to learn about your tastes and inspiration, and take all your preferences to heart to tailor-make your living spaces.

What defines our wine estates? Large windows, climbing shrubs, outdoor porches, swimming pools … These are coupled with the creation of cosy nooks to retreat to and witness the turn of the seasons through the changing landscape and blossoming vineyards. The result is some imposing and luxurious villas that effortlessly blend into the landscape and are designed to be fully enjoyed.

The above is all clearly present at La Caldera, one of The Wine & Country Club’s exclusive wine properties which sprawls out over 750 square metres and combines fine wine, superb cuisine and a new slow life.

The Importance Of Instructing A Reputable Architectural Firm

The degree of expertise and professionalism determines the success of a project. If you want a job done perfectly, you need to seek the very best eagle-eyed professionals – and that is precisely what we at The Wine & Country Club have done. Thanks to Torras & Sierra, the wine estate we are referring to, La Caldera, has been arranged over two floors so no detail is spared. 

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The main floor features three bedrooms, each one grander than the last and an absolute haven of peace and tranquility, designed in a warm and inviting colour scheme that creates an ambiance of relaxation and sophistication. The bedroom area also boasts three bathrooms that purvey a wonderful ambiance of relaxation.

The main floor also boasts an office, a library and a spacious and elegant glazed living room. The smart use of glass and metal allows the light to flood in and affords pleasant aspects over the lush garden. It also brings the outside in—across all rooms—, which is a great way to reap all the benefits nature has to offer. An immaculate and cosy space bursting with timeless elegance, the living area also boasts a kitchen with breakfast bar that opens onto one of the property’s many terraces.

The basement boasts the true essence of this wine property, the jewel in the crown and the space where Torras & Sierra put their heart and soul – the wine cellar (in addition to a utility room, a bathroom, more outdoor spaces and the garage). The wine cellar features two rooms: a storage area and a social area where you and your friends can sip some fine private label wines.

Also beautifully designed by Torras & Sierra, a large wrap-around patio surrounded by the impressive 400-square metre outdoor spaces dotted with ancient oaks and olive trees effortlessly links both floors.

Architecture And Wine All In One Place

To round off an already luxurious property, the exterior of the wine estate boasts a number of porches, a swimming pool, and your private hobby vineyard, which sprawls out over hectares. With the invaluable help of La Melonera winery’s winemaking team, always readily available to lend a helping hand and offer expert advice, you can master the craft of artisan wine production.

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This is where the magic of The Wine & Country Club lies, the raison d’être of this 200-hectare meadowland.

La Caldera’s 6 hectares are perfect for growing grapes for enjoyment and producing your own organic and bespoke vintages.

This is the quintessential fusion between fine wine and superb southern cuisine in the perfect setting.

Let yourself be carried away by Ronda’s wine culture through The Wine & Country Club.