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The Charm Of One Of The 25 Most Beautiful Villages In Europe
Apr 7, 2022



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The beauty of Europe does not only lie in larger cities like Paris or Rome. Travelling through its most remote villages is also a rewarding experience. Besides, the hustle and bustle of a large city cannot compare to the tranquillity of a small town.

Other advantages offered by the most beautiful European towns include the ease of getting around – you will rarely need to rent a car since they can easily be visited on foot or by bicycle. Their authenticity – what you see is what you get, no frills, no gimmicks, no fluff. Their tradition – the most natural and genuine culture and gastronomy is to be found in smaller towns, which live in commune with nature.

The above ranking, prepared by Traveler magazine, reviews some charming little towns with fewer inhabitants than travellers lining up to access Rome’s Coliseum on any given day.

Ronda Is Among The Most Beautiful Villages In Europe

Ronda and its ca. 34,000 inhabitants ranks high in the list of 25 European magical destinations. Andalusia always stands out for the beauty and charm of its white-washed villages. But Andalusia is so much more than that, and Ronda is a great example of that.

Ronda is not only about its impressive Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), the town’s main attraction. Ronda is also synonymous with fine wine and superb cuisine, hacking routes and trails across the Sierra, extreme sports, and also golf and sailing within a very short distance. Speed freaks and petrolheads can visit the Ascari Club to slam down the gas pedal and burn up the road in perfect safety and comfort. For their part, art lovers can visit Ronda’s five museums.

There is a reason why Hemingway and Lorca fell in love with Ronda. The town’s cultural tradition shot one of the most outstanding bullfighting families in Spain to stardom. Also, the city boasts a two Michelin-starred: renowned chef Benito Gomez’s Bardal restaurant.

Yet Another Reason Why Ronda Stands Out – The Wine & Country Club

The outskirts of this charming town, one of the most beautiful in Europe, is home to The Wine & Country Club, a luxury residential project in Southern Spain boasting highly exclusive wine estates. All the properties come with their private hobby vineyard, which sprawls out over hectares and where residents can grow grapes for enjoyment and master the craft of artisan wine production. A new quiet way of life, nestled in nature’s bounty, and offering superb cuisine are some of the many perks of owning a property here.

Whether you want to relocate here permanently or own a wine estate as a secondary residence, the decision to invest in The Wine & Country Club will always be a momentous and sensible decision. This is an opportunity not to be passed up. Only 30 proud owners will be fortunate enough to experience this slice of heaven on Earth.

In addition to contrasting and bespoke wine properties, characterised by classic and traditional styling, and unique avant-garde design, The Wine & Country Club offers so much more. The prime and exclusive Client Concierge service offered by the Club is always at your beck and call to make your life easier and attend to all of your needs—be it your winery estate’s upkeep, making a reservation at a trendy restaurant in Marbella, picking you up at the airport after a business trip, or booking a golf session … you name it!

The crowning glory is La Melonera, the winery behind the The Wine & Country Club project, whose dedicated winemaking team helps wine estate owners to produce an insanely delicious private label wine within its facilities.

To close with a final flourish, we need to mention the Club’s organic vegetable gardens which are managed by Véronique Gladstone and add an organic touch to the scheme.