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The Key To Happiness
Mar 17, 2022



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What is happiness? Depending on what sources we go to, we will find one or other definition. According to the Greek philosopher Epicurus, happiness means experiencing pleasure, both physically and intellectually, by sidestepping or fleeing from suffering. According to the first meaning provided by the Real Academia de la Lengua Española (the Spanish Royal Academy), happiness is a “state of pleasant spiritual and physical satisfaction.” Whereas according to Gautama Buddha, “there is no way to happiness; happiness is the way.”

On the occasion of the International Day of Happiness, we at The Wine & Country Club want to share our little slice of heaven on Earth with you. With an accuracy of 36° 47’ 58.1’’ N 5° 9’ 38.1’’ O you will find the most earthly well-being in the form of a magnificent wine estate. 

A place to live that benefits from all creature comforts and a high standard of comfort. A place where the most exclusive Client Concierge services are provided – as if it were a luxury hotel, but in a private and safe residential community. Your privacy will be preserved at all times and you will be surrounded by vineyards nestled in the vast meadowland of the La Melonera winery. Your home will be your bastion of happiness.

We at The Wine & Country Club strongly believe that a haven of happiness is found at home.

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International Day of Happiness or How To Be Happy Living On La Caldera

A total of 750 square metres of happiness, La Caldera wine estate can be yours and yours alone. The property’s main floor boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office, a guest area, a storage room, a library, a spacious and elegant glazed living room and a kitchen with breakfast bar that opens onto one of the property’s many porches. La Caldera is dutifully guarded by a centuries-old holm oak and the wine property has been built around it, thus preserving its natural growth. Not for nothing, The Wine & Country Club is firmly committed to preserving the environment.

To round off the wine estate, the property’s basement also boasts a private wine cellar which features two rooms: a storage area and a special room for the aging of your fine private label wines.

A large wrap-around patio surrounded by impressive outdoor spaces dotted with ancient oaks and olive trees links both floors.

But that is not all. Worth mentioning is La Caldera’s WOW factor – a private hobby vineyard to grow grapes for enjoyment and master the craft of artisan wine production. A rare privilege offered by all wine properties at The Wine & Country Club, the area of each estate devoted to grape growing spans an impressive 6 hectares. The added bonus are the spectacular views of the vineyard which can be enjoyed from virtually anywhere within the properties.

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Happiness Is To Be Found At The Wine & Country Club

The Wine & Country Club is a unique residential concept, never before seen in Southern Europe, nestled in a unique setting—the city of Ronda in Malaga. A peaceful residential project that draws inspiration from and celebrates the local wine and food culture, and shows a deep respect for nature and tradition.

A magnificent collection of freehold wine estates with private hobby vineyards for the sheer happiness of the most discerning bon vivants.

Living on The Wine & Country Club’s wine estates is not at odds with an active social, cultural and leisure life. For some good old hustle and bustle you have cosmopolitan Marbella just a short drive away, and a little further down rises the city of Malaga and its grandeur.

The happiness brought by The Wine & Country Club also lies in the perfect balance it strikes between privacy and comfort, and social life.

Are you still in doubt as to why your new (and happy) life is to be found at The Wine & Country Club?