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Living On A Dream Wine Estate
Mar 3, 2022



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How often have you pictured yourself strolling through vineyards, enjoying a glass of wine in the country at sunset, and watching the days go by from the comfort of your wine property’s porch? Many a time have you caught yourself daydreaming about an idyllic place that only existed in your imagination.

However, that dreamscape takes on a concrete form at The Wine & Country Club, more specifically on La Caldera, a magnificent wine estate that has your name written all over it.

Its exceptional location—nestled in a vast Andalusian meadowland—, in the charming town of Ronda (Malaga), promises long days of sunshine and warm temperatures that will allow you to enjoy every inch of the province. The towering Serrania de Ronda provides a sense of coolness as the night wears on that will help you enjoy a blissfully cool night’s sleep – no pillow flipping required. You will also be able to sample the local, clearly Mediterranean superb and clean cuisine.

Thanks to its proximity to Malaga, at The Wine & Country Club you will benefit from excellent transport links. The provincial capital, the white-hot heart of the South, is well connected nationally and internationally.

Welcome to Southern Europe’s first unique destination. Welcome to your new wine estate at The Wine & Country Club.

compras ecológicas en Ronda

Know The Ins And Outs Of La Caldera

A majestic holm oak dutifully guards the property and greets you as you set foot on La Caldera – a token of respect for nature present at The Wine & Country Club. This centuries-old holm oak has not been moved an inch, thus preserving its natural growth, which means that the wine property has been built around it.

Once inside, we plunge into over 750 square metres of well laid out house, where the privacy of each space is guaranteed.

The spacious and light-filled main floor welcomes us and boasts two distinct areas. On the one hand, there is the bedroom area, which features three bedrooms—each one grander than the last and an absolute haven of peace and tranquillity, designed in a warm and inviting colour scheme that creates an ambiance of relaxation and sophistication. The bedroom area also boasts three bathrooms that purvey a wonderful ambiance of relaxation.

On the other hand, there is the living area which boasts an office, a library and a spacious and elegant glazed living room. The smart use of glass and metal allows the light to flood in and affords pleasant aspects over the lush garden. It also brings the outside in—across all rooms—, which is a great way to reap all the benefits nature has to offer. An immaculate and cosy space bursting with timeless elegance, the living area also boasts a kitchen with breakfast bar that opens onto one of the property’s many porches.

The basement boasts the true essence of this wine property, the jewel in the crown – the wine cellar (in addition to a utility room, a bathroom, more outdoor spaces and the garage). The wine cellar features two rooms: a storage area and a social area where you and your friends can sip some fine private label wines.

A large wrap-around patio surrounded by the impressive 400-square metre outdoor spaces dotted with ancient oaks and olive trees links both floors.

Worth mentioning is the highlight of the property, the WOW factor – a private hobby vineyard to grow grapes for enjoyment and master the craft of artisan wine production. The area of the estate devoted to grape growing spans an impressive 6 hectares. The added bonus are the spectacular views of the vineyard which can be enjoyed from virtually anywhere within the property.

The Jewel In The Crown – The Wine Cellar


A private wine cellar to store your insanely delicious private label wine is one of the exclusive privileges accorded by The Wine & Country Club. In true French château fashion, Spain now offers the possibility to own a wine estate that meets the highest standards in terms of luxury, well-being, and passion for wine.

La Caldera’s wine cellar also comprises a special room for wine aging, a process you closely monitor with the help of Ana de Castro, the Club’s oenologist, who is always on hand to help estate owners to master the craft of artisan wine production.

Although caring for the vineyard is the responsibility of estate owners, La Melonera’s winemaking team is always readily available to lend a helping hand and offer expert advice.

This dream wine property also benefits from an exclusive Client Concierge Service, and all the creature comforts and amenities to be expected from such an outstanding, secluded and luxury residential scheme.

La Caldera can be your dream come true. Get in touch with us and come visit The Wine & Country Club.