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A Route Only Suitable For True Cheese Lovers
Jan 25, 2022



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Ronda’s superb cuisine covers every aspect.

Ronda’s superb cuisine covers every aspect, from the purest vegetables and fruit trees, to its livestock, which yields the region’s most desirable guilty pleasures, among which cheese.

This culinary delight takes centre stage in Ronda’s dining; hence it will come as no surprise that the region also features a Savoury Cheese Route. Are you ready to hit the route?

Cheeses Covered By The Designation Of Origin ‘Ronda’


Cheese in Ronda is determined by the livestock roaming free in the Sierra de Grazalema. The main cheese is known as Payoyo Cheese, the benefits of which have been widely covered in previous posts. Ronda Cheese ranks second on the list. There are a few more cheese options in Ronda’s surrounding area thanks to its proximity to another highly relevant cheese-producing area such as Cadiz province.


The Savoury Cheese Route takes us through the most outstanding local cheese varieties, such as the Pajarete Cheese from Villamartin, the ecological cheeses from El Gazul or the La Cabra Verde goat cheeses from Arcos de la Frontera.


Where To Start?


Ronda is part of the most famous cheese route in Andalusia, which also runs across the Province of Cadiz. Let us set out on this journey from your wine property at The Wine & Country Club and head towards Grazalema.

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This first stop in the Sierra will visit the inland towns leading to the town of Grazalema and Villaluenga del Rosario –the smallest town in the province where an Artisan Cheese Fair is also held.

We then head to Villamartin, the birthplace of the famous Pajarete Cheese. This recipe was created in the town’s streets and has won a number of awards, including the World Cheese Contest. Especially noteworthy is the variety made from Assaf sheep’s milk.


From there we move on to Alcala de los Gazules, where the El Gazul goat cheese takes centre stage. The locals have long been cheese artisans, which is why today there are so many varieties: fresh, ripened in olive oil, semi-mature, organic, coated in fragrant rosemary leaves, etc.

The last noteworthy stop on this route is one of the most outstanding white-washed villages in the area, namely, Arcos de la Frontera. La Cabra Verde, an expert company specialising in the production of organic cheeses and yogurts from organic native goat milk, is well worth a visit. Any of its cheese choices is a must-try.

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The Perfect Pairing


Back at your wine estate, after having tasted the most outstanding cheeses from around your neck of the woods and having bought an assorted variety of wedges, it is time to enjoy them on your terrace paired with the best possible wine – your private label made with grapes from your very own vineyard.

Mature and extra-mature cheeses call for your beautiful deep red with a good nose of red and black wild fruit aromas. For their part, soft or semi-mature goat cheeses and white wine make a winning combination. Whatever cheese you choose, you are sure to have the ideal wine partner. Alternatively, you can always turn to the expert help of Ana de Castro, the Club’s oenologist, to guide you in choosing the best wine.

Cheese, wine, your wine estate, and the Savoury Cheese Route are all you need to explore the wonders of the area’s wealth of cheese heritage.

Enjoy this wine and cheese galore!