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Our Pick Of The Most Fascinating Museums In Ronda
Jan 18, 2022



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Ronda’s magic extends to its art and museums. Visiting a museum, especially in Ronda, is synonymous with learning, excitement, inspiration, and experimenting – very much in keeping with your new lifestyle at The Wine & Country Club. You can now enjoy some recreational moments and let yourself be inspired by impressive private art collections, and local and international artists – and you can learn (even more) about the world of wine.

Ready to hit Ronda’s art route?

Five Ronda Spaces Devoted To Art

Ronda’s streets burst with art. With almost a dozen museums for a population of just 35,000 inhabitants, this Malaga town is sure to satisfy your appetite for art.

Museo Lara

Named after founder Juan Lara Jurado, the Museo Lara is another utterly unique collection, one that brings together trinkets and gadgets spanning many areas of endeavour over the last few hundred years. There is something to capture your attention in every room, from pistols, clocks and catapults to old typewriters and instruments of torture used during the Inquisition.

Grabados Somera

Grabados Somera is both a gallery and a souvenir shop, displaying locally made etchings and prints depicting scenes from Andalusian culture. The walls of the Calle Rosario outlet are plastered with these delightful works, many of which present scenes from Ronda’s history or depict its most beautiful buildings. A ten-minute stroll away, on Calle Molino, is the studio where the prints have been made since 1985, using centuries-old techniques. Both spaces make for a fascinating visit, and offer classy gifts and mementos to take back home.

compras ecológicas en Ronda

Museo Peinado

This gallery takes its name from one of Ronda’s most famous artists, Joaquin Peinado (1898-1975). Upon completion of his studies in 1923, Peinado moved to Paris, where he became one of the most prominent members of the French capital’s Spanish School, along with his friend Pablo Picasso. The museum is housed in an exquisitely restored 19th-century palace—Palacio de Moctezuma—and showcases more than 190 works throughout ten rooms, including important paintings such as Still Life With Pears and Figure With a Dove. Also displayed are sketches and drafts never seen before the gallery’s opening.

La Melonera Winery

It is a well-known fact that Ronda is a wine-producing land – your wine estate at The Wine & Country Club, which comes with private vineyard and yields your insanely delicious private label wine is living proof of that. Thanks to the services provided to the Club by the La Melonera winery’s staff, each year you get a very personal wine made with the grapes recovered by the winery with a native designation of origin. And this brings us to the last museum of our pick. La Melonera winery offers a complete experience when visiting its facilities with the help of sommelier Laura Cana, which also includes a wine tasting.

compras ecológicas en Ronda

History, heritage, tradition, wine … Ronda is the place to let yourself be inspired by its many art forms. And the best part is that they all sit close to your wine property at The Wine & Country Club, a residential scheme offering tranquillity, nature, and the highest quality, which benefits from excellent transport links to the rest of the world.

Take the plunge and let yourself be carried away by The Wine & Country Club experience. We look forward to welcoming you to the Club!