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Bid The Outgoing Year Farewell From The Wine & Country Club
Dec 31, 2021



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The past 12 months spent on your wine estate have provided 12 more grounds to reassert your commitment to this brand new lifestyle of yours.


1. Making time for yourself and loved ones. Setting time aside consciously has led to increased happiness and better life satisfaction.

2. Experiencing the highest quality of life at home and at work, which incidentally you have been doing remotely from the comfort of your wine property – a privilege second to none.

3. Those who were willing to be your partner in crime on this exciting adventure of a lifetime on which you embarked when you purchased your new wine estate at The Wine & Country Club are your best possible companions. Now the four of you live under the same roof, surrounded by vineyards and nature’s bounty.

4. Taking delight in the year-round sunshine. Living in the sunshine province—as Malaga is popularly known—allows you to enjoy over 300 days of annual sunshine. With all that serotonin boosted by sunlight, you have been feeling more energised, positive, and focused than ever.

5. Sheltered by the warmth of your wine estate, which has been especially designed for you taking account of all your architectural and home décor preferences, this is the place where you feel more inspired, confident and at ease. This is the place you can truly call home.

6. New opportunities translate into new beginnings and new discoveries. Just by changing perspective you can change your lifestyle.

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7. Finding yourself amidst the vast Malaga meadowlands has led you to pursue new hobbies, such as horseback riding or sailing, which are not easy to indulge in when living in the city.

8. Taking up old hobbies, such as hiking, is a pleasurable experience and the perfect way to explore the endless trails of the Sierra de Grazalema. Playing golf—your all-time favourite activity—ranks top in the list of former pastimes you have resumed.

9. Regaining your self-confidence in a dream environment, safe in the knowledge that you can live in peace and counting your blessings for being so fortunate as to live at The Wine & Country Club.

10. Investing in health is key if one is to enjoy one’s (only) life and feel blessed. This is a habit you got into when you relocated to The Wine & Country Club. The glorious weather, the highest quality of life, enjoying time alone … all these factors have led to you feel healthier than ever.

11. You had been hearing a lot about the merits of restoring links with nature lately, but you did not quite know what that meant until you saw for yourself what being in tune with nature on your wine estate surrounded by the Serrania de Ronda felt like.

12. Both within the boundaries of your wine property and well beyond, fine cuisine merges with premium wine labels that make for the perfect pairing. At home, your organic vegetable garden and orchard yield endless goodies. Beyond the boundaries of The Wine & Country Club, chef Benito Gomez’s Bardal has become your new favourite restaurant. 

invierte en salud

Your Own Wine Label And New Year’s Eve – A Pairing Made In Heaven


The table is beautifully set and your entourage of ten guests is eager to dig in. You head to your private cellar and take a few moments to admire your growing wine collection. The winemaking team at La Melonera winery has yet again succeeded in bringing an air of excellence to the creation of your most personal wine. Just the way you like it, in tune with your taste and preference, Ana de Castro and her team have put their heart and soul into designing your private label, which you now enjoy as you bid the outgoing year farewell – ah, that lingering aftertaste, that sumptuously and brilliant sweet and savoury contrast in every mouthful …

Ana and her winemaking team could not have nailed it better, although you are considering recommending her to use more wood on your next red and white harvest. For now it is time to head back to the table and bid the outgoing year farewell in style and surrounded by family, loved ones, and your private vineyard.