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Traditional Crafts Of Ronda
Dec 28, 2021



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The ancient art of pottery and goldsmithing tells its story through the streets of Ronda (Malaga). With its cultural heritage, the town narrates a long history of crafts.

We are not only referring to individual pieces – the streets of Ronda are filled with art. The balconies showcase magnificent ironwork, the furniture of stately homes and palaces is carved in noble wood, many ceramic pieces hang from the walls of a number of streets yielding colourful murals and drawing the attention of pedestrians. Let us delve into the universe of traditional crafts.


What Makes Ronda’s Crafts Unique


Generations of artisan experience and a cultural melting pot have left their mark on Ronda’s cultural arena. Here is a lowdown on some of Ronda’s most outstanding art and craft disciplines.


Ronda’s Art Of Goldsmithing


Ronda’s art of goldsmithing is characterised by a centuries-old use of wrought iron, the origins of which remain unclear. Fine examples are found in the wrought-iron grillwork on windows and balconies, in the lock of the town’s bullring or that of the Real Maestranza, in the handles of many pieces of furniture or in elements such as those on Espinel street.

compras ecológicas en Ronda

The White Ceramics Of Ronda


Ronda’s ceramics tradition is marked by the South’s distinctive white colour. The pieces are made of white glazed ceramic. Decorative artistic ceramics are also used in murals and construction. In addition to being hand-made, the rather striking thing about these pieces is how well they suit any style as a decorative element, so a traditional piece is a must on your wine estate at The Wine & Country Club.


The Most Special Craft – Leather Goods, Saddlery and Harness


The uniqueness of Ronda’s crafts is best appreciated in this noble art, which draws from materials such as straw, rye, wool, canvas, poor-quality leather, sheepskin and worsted sewed with laces made of hemp to craft tools and implements for life in the country. The resulting pieces include saddles, packsaddles, straw lofts, quilting, straps, headstalls and many more. Some of these are essential elements for horseback riding, and you not only know them well, but also use them when hacking out across the 5+ hectares of private vineyard surrounding your wine estate.


compras ecológicas en Ronda



Wood is very much present in Ronda crafts. It began to be a reputed material at the end of the 19th century, a time when the forest wealth of the mountain range gave rise to works in noble woods such as chestnut or walnut. It was then that the School of Arts and Crafts of Alfonso XIII was created. Today, the Ciudad del Tajo cooperative—and its crew of artisans crafting woodwork as their predecessors did by late 1800—continues to offer wood carvings like those of bygone days.


Ronda offers its crafts in different formats and raw materials, but they are all mastered with utmost care and superior quality. These are unique pieces with a rich history behind them, worthy of being part of and decorate your wine estate – both inside and out. Some will even accompany you on your rides out (as is the case with saddlery pieces). Stroll through Ronda to appreciate its ironwork and ceramics, and pop in to the stores that will help you become the proud owner of fine pieces of the city’s cultural heritage.