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Why Ronda Never Ceases To Amaze
Dec 7, 2021



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ronda ciudad con encanto

In the many plans, tours, getaways and other leisure activities you have been engaged in since you arrived at The Wine & Country Club, there is still room for Ronda to continue to amaze you.

Back in its day, Ronda would win people’s hearts—as was the case with Orson Welles or Ernest Hemingway—so it is little wonder that it has also bewitched you. Speaking of Ronda Hemingway famously said: “That is where you should go if you ever go to Spain on a honeymoon or if you ever bolt with anyone.” A most romantic background, the cradle of artists and centuries-old traditions, Ronda never ceases to fascinate.

Ronda is art – but this you already know since you have visited many of its interesting museums. It is also romanticism – and you have grown intimately familiar with the town’s legends. It is beauty – its sunsets never cease to enchant. It is superb cuisine – and its Michelin-starred restaurants and fine wine leave no doubt as to their appeal. Ronda is the adventure of knowing that you are right where you need to be. You were born to nestle in this land, and living on a wine estate at The Wine & Country Club has helped you develop a love for this unique place.

compras ecológicas en Ronda

Simply Put, Ronda Never Ceases To Surprise You


Have You Had A Chance To Hit The ‘Viewpoints Route’?


Surely you have visited the most famous: the viewpoint in front of the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), which is accessed from Plaza de Maria Auxiliadora through a flight of stairs and offers a vantage point to catch a glimpse of the sunset. But this is not the only one affording the best panoramic views of the city’s iconic bridge, the viewpoint on the Carretera de los Molinos is also a must. Located on the town’s outskirts, down a cobbled street, to reach it you need to walk to the Arco del Cristo, a former entrance to the Arab wall. Also worth a visit is the Aldehuela viewpoint which is situated in the old town, next to the Palacio de Congresos. The views afforded from those three vantage points are heart-warming and awe-inspiring to the eye.


Pamper Yourself Like An Ancient Arab


Owing to the influence exerted by years of Arab settlements in the area, you can now enjoy the healing properties of the spa and water treatments in the town’s Arab Baths. With a choice of personal or couples massages and treatments, this perfectly matches the self-care routine you have embraced as part of your new slow life at The Wine & Country Club. The Club’s readily available Client Concierge service will see to it that you experience a day of pampering, wellness and relaxation like an ancient Arab.


compras ecológicas en Ronda

Stroll Around The Jardines De Cuenca


You have observed those squares from the New Bridge but have you ever taken a stroll around them? We are referring to the Jardines de Cuenca, a tour of the spectacular and lovely gardens located along the edge of the Tajo de Ronda featuring an ingenious arrangement of stepped terraces. Developed in honour of Cuenca, Ronda’s twin city, they seek to preserve the native flora.


Monuments To Orson Welles And Ernest Hemingway


Two of the most international and illustrious names who praised Ronda, Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingwaywere enthralled by Ronda’s charm the minute they set foot in this town. They were the best ambassadors for Ronda’s wonders and cultural heritage which is why they so deserve the tribute that the town’s streets pay them.


The Real Reason Why You Decided To Move To Ronda – Nature


What really lured you to this particular Andalusian site is a mix between the balmy temperatures and the predominant green of its landscapes. But also the unlimited amount of leisurely and nature-related choices, including slashing your way through the dense forests in the mountains, or treading low ground paths such as Alameda del Tajo. A dizzy height, this small green lung is located just above the ravine, so the views afforded are definitely commanding. If you can brave it, continue along the Paseo de los Ingleses that skirts the cliff.


Be it for its spectacular views, excellent quality of life, lush greenery, gastronomy, wine-making tradition, a history that goes beyond any borders, or be it simply because you feel that you have found your place in the world, Ronda is already a part of you.

And so you cannot help but wonder if there is any charming nook in Ronda you still have not discovered?