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The Sounds Of The Wine & Country Club
Oct 26, 2021



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sonidos de The Wine & Country Club

From ‘do’ to ‘si’ there are a total of 7 musical notes, whichwhen fused togetheryield true works of art.

Just as we at The Wine & Country Club have succeeded in blending Malaga’s meadows with the recovery of a native grape variety (La Melonera) in a natural, environmentally-friendly site that promotes healthy, peaceful and secluded living, so have hundreds of great piano, saxophone, or cello virtuosos of our time, who have bequeathed us a plethora of musical compositions like the ones that are now part of The Wine & Country Club’s repertoire.

The joys of music are a companion for life. Each stage and experience in our lives has its own soundtrack.

We listen to music while we walk, cook, drive – when we want to feel happy or relaxed. There is always a melody that defines a time and spirit. We at The Wine & Country Club are no stranger to the importance of music, hence why the quiet and peaceful life at the Club has its own sounds and melodies.

Furthermore, music has been shown to be a catalyst for emotions and to have strong psychological power. In fact, music psychology aims to explain the processes through which music is perceived, created, responded to, and incorporated into everyday life.

Once music reaches the brain, certain areas that are responsible for imitation and empathy are activated. These areas are home to mirrors neurons, which fire both when we act and when we observe the same action performed by another human being. Thus, these neurons “mirror” the behaviour of the other, as though the observer were itself acting. Hence, we can feel pain, sadness, joy …

In much the same way that listening to a given melody stimulates these areas of the brain, such areas are activated differently depending on whether we like the song or not.

However, music can be mood-enhancing and capable of arousing new emotions or cementing social ties given that it allows feelings to be shared.

sonidos de The Wine & Country Club

A Playlist Of 10 Inspirational Songs To Enjoy At The Wine & Country Club


Based on music psychology, we have put together a playlist full of inspirational songs to keep your spirits up and groovy moves flowing as you stroll the garden at your leisure, entertain guests on the porch under a starlit sky, curl up with a good book in your well-stocked library, or lounge on the couch while the embers flicker and glow in the fireplace. We just provide the music – and leave the ambience to you.


  1. Autumn in Paris by Jan Baars. This young composer and music producer tops our chart with this rousing instrumental number. The immersive and standout piano notes take you on a musical journey to your new life – the path that guides you to The Wine & Country Club.
  2. Una Mattina by Ludovico Einaudi. The renowned Italian pianist, who has composed the scores for a number of films and television productions, manages to deeply stir the emotions with his brilliance at the piano. His music is the perfect companion when savouring your vintage wine.
  3. Surrender by Natalie Taylor. Happy, positive and soothing notes accompanied by the velvety voice of young Taylor to soundtrack your cooking sessions.
  4. Skinny Love by Bon Iver. This American singer/songwriter’s optimistic guitar is right in the folky sweet spot and really sets the mood as you stroll your estate across your blossoming vineyards. In addition, his music creates that magical sense of togetherness during your Sunday morning family outings to the Sierra de Grazalema.
  5. Wicked Game by James Vincent McMorrow. This haunting cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game keeps you company as you dine alfresco on the terrace and watch the autumn night fall upon you gently and in style, leaving you happily relaxed, your face in a smile.
sonidos de The Wine & Country Club

6. Arcade by Duncan Laurence. Bedtime reading is one of your favourite sources of entertainment and a great sleep aid. Selecting the music to fit the current mood and induce sleep is important – hence why Arcade ranks among your bedtime favourites.

7. She’s a Sweet One by Junior Wells. Watch your organic garden grow and your vines blossom with Wells’ famous husky voice in the background and the mood-boosting rhythm of this tune.

8. Viva la Vida by A hymn to life if ever there was one, this is the perfect song to wake up to in this new blessed country life of yours, where you are concerned with your tranquillity, happiness and hobbies—such as golf, sailing, hiking—, which the Club makes it possible for you to pursue.

9. Comptine d’un autre été, l’après-midi by Yann Tiersen. We at The Wine & Country Club could not stay away from the French chanson. Tiersen’s unique piano playing style is such a mood booster and always lifts your spirits. This is slow living on your winery estate at its finest.

10. Boyce Avenue. We bring the playlist to a subtle close with the chilled covers with a sassy beat from a band that is currently impressing and winning over massive audiences. The group is gaining worldwide recognition for its pop-sensible blend of acoustic and rock music, which pairs beautifully to golden afternoons spent indulging your passion for creativity at The Wine & Country Club.

A curated playlist focusing on energy and packed full of poignant lyrics, you will not be able to resist the ‘repeat playlist’ button. For the best listening experience … crank up the volume and immerse yourself in the sounds of The Wine & Country Club! Come visit us and discover what your new life has in store for you.