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La Dehesa del Prado – A Winery Estate Within The Wine & Country Club
Sep 7, 2021



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Picture feeling the bright morning light warm you up as you take a gentle stroll down to your vineyards to see the grapes ripen. Picture having a friendly and cosy chat over fresh coffee and homemade cake with Ana de Castro—the oenologist at The Wine & Country Club—about how the grapes are doing on your grape vines and how, when harvested, you will turn them into a wonderful wine that bears your unmistakable imprint.

All of this is possible on La Dehesa del Prado, one of the winery estates available at The Wine & Country Club. A ten-minute drive from magical Ronda (Malaga), this peaceful residential scheme is the place to feel truly at home and live the real country house lifestyle. A calmer-paced, more balanced and happier lifestyle, where you run the show. Slow living, luxurious cuisine and first-class winemaking will be the pivotal elements on which your new life will hinge henceforth.

Need someone to help you with your winery estate’s upkeep, making a reservation at a trendy restaurant, picking you up at the airport after a business trip, or booking a golf session? The answer is Client Concierge, a service offered to residents by the Club. A premium and vetted team of trusted professionals who are always at your beck and call to make your life easier and attend to all of your needs.

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La Dehesa del Prado – An Unmatched Property


La Dehesa del Prado sits in a superb location within the extensive meadowland where The Wine & Country Club is situated. Nestled behind a gentle rolling hill, the estate is set on flat ground, where magnificent evergreen holm oaks shelter the vines. It has been designed to provide every living experience you could want – from cosy, individual enjoyment to the ideal venue every perfect host seeks.

The country house stands out, offering a vantage point over the vineyard in the foreground and the surrounding meadow in the middle ground, while beyond, the eye is drawn to the valley and the mountain ranges in the background.

La Dehesa del Prado has been designed by award-winning architects Torras & Sierra for a truly recreational experience at The Wine & Country Club. The planning of the property aimed to retain the holm oaks present within the site in order to perfectly integrate it into the meadowland.

In addition, you will benefit from your own private swimming pool, an area to create an organic vegetable garden and a good handful of hectares of wine-producing vineyards. The site is also extensive enough to allow you to show off your horseback riding skills, and if you are a mountain fanatic, you will be happy to learn that the Serrania de Ronda offers all sorts of hiking options.

Landscaper Rocio Sainz de Rozas is the woman behind the landscaping scheme of the country house. Rocio and her landscaping firm demonstrate complete mastery when designing original and bespoke living spaces, transitions and details, which seamlessly blend into the surroundings. They are experts at maximising your garden’s sun and shade, creating magical secluded and intimate spots, gardening for fragrance and lending a green briskness.

With welcoming spaces that tell a story and deliver truly magical experiences, here you will harness the pulsating energy of a place where life just keeps getting better. From the beauty of simplicity to the luxury of the real thing.

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What Else Can The Wine & Country Club Offer?


In short, The Wine & Country Club is a peaceful residential project that draws inspiration from and celebrates the local wine and food culture, and shows a deep respect for nature and tradition. A magnificent collection of freehold winery estates with their very own private vineyards and winery that are part of the native ecosystem. A place where all your needs and requirements will be met by the maintenance and management services provided by the Club. A place where an abundance of light, elegance, sustainability and Mediterranean character come together to create a vibrant blend. This and much more is yours to enjoy at The Wine & Country Club. 

You will be the proud owner of a property like no other. A stunning place from where to watch days go by slowly, in step with the natural rhythms and colours of the seasons, patiently waiting to get your exquisite harvest in. But do not take our word for it, come and visit this magical place, and see for yourself what luxury country living is all about. The Wine & Country Club awaits you.