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Ascari Club – For All Petrolheads And Pedal-To-The-Metal Spirits Out There
Aug 24, 2021



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At one point in his life, and after creating the super sports car factory Ascari Cars, Dutch billionaire and championship-winning racing driver Klaas Zwart hovered over Andalusia and chose an area just 10 kilometres from Ronda to shape his true purpose in life: a safe race resort located in a beautiful secluded valley combining luxury with adrenaline.

And just like that Ascari Club was born, a private fully fledged racing circuit—and the first of its kind—to test your wheels on. The Dutchman owns a fleet of racing cars, some of which are available for members of the Ascari Club to drive. So whether you want to drive something of your own in anger, borrow from the fleet or just soak in the sun, this resort ticks all the boxes.

Inspired by Zwart’s favourite circuits and built for the most powerful cars on the planet, the environmentally-friendly layout stretches across 5 kilometres on a 174-hectare estate. Aside from the racetrack, the site also boasts a highly exclusive Club serving innovative, local, seasonal, organic and tailored haute cuisine to fit the members’ personality and discerning taste buds.

Why do we at The Wine & Country Club advocate the wonders of Ascari Club? 

tradiciones y costumbres de Ronda

The Wine & Country Club – Country Living Within A Stone’s Throw Of Ascari Club


Ascari Club is a short drive from The Wine & Country Club. Become a member of the most exclusive motoring club in Spainwith 5,425 metres of racetrack that will work a treat with speed freakslocated in a dream landscape near the exclusive scheme The Wine & Country Club.

But that is not the whole of it. Securely parked under the ultra-smooth tarmac covering the track, and protected with a state-of-the-art security system, sleep the cars of some of the area’s most prominent owners. An absolute gem for car enthusiasts, Ascari Club allows you not only to securely park your car, but also to put it to the test at 220 kph on a jaw-dropping 470 metres straight.

With plenty of overtaking opportunities, the racetrack is the longest in Spain totalling 5,425 metres.

Cars available for use at the track include two seater and single seater race cars, off-road buggies, four-wheelers, and F1 cars—although you can also use the track to test your own wheels on.


If you can relate to this, then you know this is your place. You will no longer need to book a nearby accommodation to spend a few days locally and have access to Ascari Club; now you can be the proud owner of a spectacular and exclusive winery estate with country house and have The Wine & Country Club’s designated Client Concierge service make a reservation for you at Ascari Club and take care of all the details.

Living just 14 kilometres from such a prestigious place, only available to a privileged few, adds an extra allure. Not only will you be able to play golf, go horseback riding or hike the hills of the Serrania de Ronda, you will also have a space to slam down the gas pedal and burn up the road in perfect safety and comfort.

Do you already have your heart set on a specific winery estate that will allow you to live within close vicinity to Ascari Club? The Wine & Country Club boasts 28 contrasting and bespoke properties to choose from – ranging from classic and traditional styling to unique contemporary design, and featuring best-in-class quality specifications and finishes. With plots of land spanning 5 to 7 hectares, they all come with a private hobby vineyard. And it is widely known that fast cars and fine wine make a winning combo.

And if this is not enough to lure you here, the promise of a private organic kitchen garden to grow your own fruit and veg might just excite your senses and make living at The Wine & Country Club an experience second to none. Come visit us and see what this magical place has in store for you!