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The Rise Of The Hobby Vineyard – Owning Your Private Vineyard Is The Ultimate Luxury
Aug 20, 2021



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“A vineyard in need is a vineyard indeed.” This could very well be an age-old wine adage in many parts of the world – not just Spain. Boasting large vineyards, Napa Valley, Southern France or the Italian province of Tuscany have long been hotspots for quality wine production. 

What is most striking is that wine enthusiasts from around the world have been shopping for hobby vineyards in those regions, and growing grapes for enjoyment – and sometimes commerce. These plots of land suitable for vines typically stretch to a couple of hectares and will produce up to around 7,000 bottles a year.

Wine geeks generally want a stone bastide property looking across beautifully maintained vines. Far from being deterred from embracing the age-old tradition, they toy with The Good Life idea of having an idyllic and secluded wine property with artisan wine production that sits within close vicinity to a town or city, and where they can find help to make the winemaking decisions. 

Along with providing the opportunity for buyers to impress house guests with their ‘own’ wine, this niche market also attracts those keen to follow the latest lifestyle trend—i.e. harvesting wine from scratch—and produce their own organic or bespoke vintages.

A decade ago, those seeking to leave the rat race for a taste of the rural idyll as a wine-maker most likely headed straight to Provence or California.

But now aspiring viticulturists are just as likely to put down roots among the gentle hills of exclusive Ronda (Malaga) in southern Spain, whose wine industry is going from strength to strength.

Southern Spain has unveiled an innovative, never seen before project – and the only one of its kind in southern Europe.

And it goes by the name of The Wine & Country Club

compras ecológicas en Ronda

Sheer Luxury Now Available Thanks To The Wine & Country Club


Owning a vineyard is the new gold of the 21st century – and luckily you need never leave the confines of Spain to live the dream. Thanks to The Wine & Country Club, you can get it right from the start and fulfil the dream of having a property with a handful of hectares of vines at your finca and making a wine to your own taste. 

Sprawling out over 5 to 7 hectares, there are a number of wine estates to choose from – just select the wine property that best suits your tastes and needs. You can visit the expansive and meticulously well-tended grounds where The Wine & Country Club is set and experience what it is like to live surrounded by nature’s bounty and become a successful vigneron with the Club’s world-class winemaking team to back your ambition. The real spread and depth of knowledge of the seasoned team means that you will not be working in isolation. Quite the contrary, offering invaluable support, the team led by oenologist Ana de Castro will help you master the art of grape growing, look after the vines and do all the pruning and maintaining, ease into the wine-making aspect, and turn your grapes into an award-winning vintage wine. We know that, when you take on something like this, it is a very comforting thought to know that you are not alone.

In addition, thanks to the Club’s exclusive Client Concierge service you will not need to worry your little head about a thing. Whether it is your property’s upkeep, making a reservation at a trendy restaurant, picking you up at the airport after a business trip, renting a car, or booking a golf session … you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are on top of everything.

And if, aside from having an appetite for a private vineyard, you also want to test out your green fingers and have your heart set on growing an organic vegetable garden, the Club’s staff members will help you establish organic garden beds and sow, grow and harvest the most suitable varieties of flowers, herbs, veggies and other Earth delicacies.

compras ecológicas en Ronda

In short, Ronda is a unique wine destination that stands out from others and is every bit as good as its Californian, French or Tuscan counterpart. And striving to deliver an unrivalled experience, The Wine & Country Club is a magical place where you can enjoy the pure luxury of owning a magnificent country house to live in with a hobby vineyard to make your insanely delicious private label wine.

But don’t take our word for it, come visit The Wine & Country Club at Lugar Partido Rural los Frontones, 86, Ronda, Malaga (Spain) and see for yourself!