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La Dehesilla – A Contemporary-Style Winery Estate In Ronda
Aug 6, 2021



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la dehesilla

The Wine & Country Club is not your usual residential resort, with all its classic creature comforts and amenities – it is so much more! When you become the proud owner of one of this unique scheme’s magnificent winery estates, you become a member of an exclusive club of homeownerstruly privileged peoplewho take the momentous decision to live life differently.

Life at The Wine & Country Club is easy, unhurried, uncomplicated, and leisurely. Here you benefit from outstanding creature comforts as well as a bewildering array of services and amenities provided by Client Concierge service. A premium and vetted list of professionals who are experts in their respective fields are always at your beck and call to make life easier and attend to all of your needs—be it your winery estate’s upkeep, making a reservation at a trendy restaurant, picking you up at the airport after a business trip, or booking a golf session … you name it! And not to forget is the winery staff, always readily available to guide you and assist you in the exciting journey towards caring for your private vineyard and making a unique wine that bears your unmistakable imprint.

Not having to worry your little head about a thing is the ultimate sheer luxury offered by The Wine & Country Club.

la dehesilla

Little Quirks That Lend Personality, Authenticity And Distinctiveness


La Dehesilla is one of the most imposing winery estates that make up The Wine & Country Club. Sitting near the Club and the winery, but preserving the privacy of those who value seclusion, La Dehesilla is a contemporary-style country house featuring three bedrooms—each one grander than the last—, porches and terraces, a private swimming pool, and a large vineyard on a site that sprawls out over five hectares of native meadowland.

La Dehesilla perfectly reflects the spirit of The Wine & Country Club. The characteristic Ronda construction is surrounded by and perfectly integrated into the local ecosystem, commanding magnificent vistas of the Las Nieves and Grazalema mountain ranges. A sensational vantage point.

The building itself, designed by award-winning architects Torras & Sierra, flows elegantly, bestowing a unique personality on each separate space. This can be the perfect place to withdraw from the world and enjoy some privacy or the ideal venue to receive guests, enjoy your own wine and make the most of the spirited life of Ronda and the wider region. 

Over the seasons, watch your vines grow and mature in your private vineyard —a perfectly integrated extension of the garden.

Design And Landscaping At The Wine & Country Club


Landscaper Rocio Sainz de Rozas is the woman behind the landscaping scheme of the winery estates at The Wine & Country Club. Her motto is that the landscape is not only the beauty that we see, but rather a wonderful set of sites, types of topography, greenery, plant species and constructions to turn each nook into an extraordinary space.

Rocio and her landscaping firm demonstrate complete mastery when designing original and bespoke living spaces, transitions and details, which seamlessly blend into the surroundings. They are experts at maximising your garden’s sun and shade, creating magical secluded and intimate spots, gardening for fragrance and lending a green briskness … all of which is very present in their designs for The Wine & Country Club.

With welcoming spaces that tell a story and deliver truly magical experiences, here you will harness the pulsating energy of a place where life just keeps getting better. From the beauty of simplicity to the luxury of the real thing.