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Find Your Ikigai At The Wine & Country Club
Jul 2, 2021



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The Japanese concept ikigai—which loosely translates as “a reason for being”—is essentially about having a sense of purpose and finding your purpose in life. 

What it is ikigai?

According to Japanese culture, everyone has their own ikigai, but finding it requires a deep and often long-term inner quest. Those seeking to find their purpose in life sometimes end up feeling frustrated and empty. But once you have found your ikigai, it makes perfect sense, and you no longer question what you do, or want to do or should be doing, because it just is. It is what every part of you wants to be doing and is happy doing, and does naturally.

Ikigai—your reason for getting out of bed in the morning—is not necessarily only about your working life; rather it is what gives you overall satisfaction in life, which may include your professional work as well. Research has shown that people who have found their ikigai live longer, healthier, happier and more connected lives, and feel more fulfilled.

Ikigai is often associated with a Venn diagram of where the following elements overlap:

  1. What you love
  2. What you are good at
  3. What the world needs
  4. What you can be paid for

What you find at the intersection of those four lists is your ikigai and it is like having a compass for guiding decisions and actions.

The Wine & Country Club – Striking A Balance Between Everyday Life, Nature And Slow Living


You already have it all – a successful career doing what you love most: helping your clients earn substantial profits and, in turn, reaping yours. Does that mean you have found your ikigai? You are not quite sure … you fear that something is missing; there is a void that needs to be filled. You then set off in quest of something, not really knowing what that something is. That is when you stumble upon The Wine & Country Club – a unique and never-seen-before project that immediately catches your eye. 

It is the first residential scheme of its kind in all of Southern Europe, where winemaking is its banner and the slow living movement its lodestar. It is nothing like all the other residential developments you are used to seeing when browsing for a new home. A private vineyard, swimming pool with mountain views, manicured well tended lawns and large terraces, among other creature comforts, make for the perfect surroundings and punctuate the ca. seven-hectare grounds, where you plan to create an organic orchard and kitchen garden to grow healthy, homegrown crops. A place where the Club’s dedicated and highly-skilled staff members are always on hand to assist and support the winery estates and their residents.

You picture yourself at The Wine & Country Club, nestled in nature’s bounty, blessed by the peace and tranquillity afforded by the Serrania de Ronda mountain range, with all amenities at your fingertips. You begin to fantasise about living a renewed lifestyle here. Next thing you know, that aching void you have been feeling lately has been naturally filled.

The world is yours to explore and adore. Anything and everything is possible here, from morning leisurely walks, horseback riding across your vineyards, wine-making like a master vintner, and hiking to the highest peak of the Sierra de las Nieves, to tee time at magnificent golf courses. Anything to your heart’s content.

Why Ronda Is The Perfect Place To Find Your Ikigai


Ronda is a most magical and mystical landlocked place located in Malaga province, in Southern Spain. Few places in the world can offer the rich multicultural heritage, stunning scenery, fabulous Michelin starred food, rolling olive groves and snow-capped mountains which you find in Ronda.

An endless list of leisure and culture pursuits, an extensive range of sports … what more can you ask for? Ronda has it all and more and it never ceases to amaze. Could you ever get tired of such an amazing place?—you ask yourself. You highly doubt it… That is when it hits you: you have found your ikigai at The Wine & Country Club.