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A Culinary Experience At The Wine & Country Club
Apr 23, 2021



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The hospitality industry has evolved in tandem with customers’ and consumers’ discernment and sense of taste. Gastronomy is no longer only expected to offer a menu, a dish or plain food. Now we expect to get an experience out of it, a complete journey through flavours that evoke pleasant sensations; a feast for the senses, if you will.

These experiences are not an isolated case. It is not only about what food is supposed to convey, but rather about the overall context—from the environment to the mindset. Everything plays a role in a culinary experience.

Grub’s up at The Wine & Country Club, where you are sure to get a memorable sensory experience. The site has it all and more: a unique setting nestled in the Serrania de Ronda; a centuries-old meadow dotted with holm oaks and olive trees; one-of-a-kind homes—winery estates—complete in every detail, including a private vineyard, organic kitchen garden and orchard; the Club, which is the meeting point for residents and a space to share, learn and rest; and, last but not least, La Melonera winery, a wine project that combines tradition and innovation.

All these elements are brought together and made available to residents at The Wine & Country Club to offer a lavish and differential lifestyle, based on enjoyment and the connection with nature—two elements that promote feeling and sharing such an extraordinary experience.

A Unique Experience Lead By Véronique Gladstone


As a result of our unrelenting pursuit of excellence, we at The Wine & Country Club have teamed up with Simply Fabulous, a creative firm specialising in food design, where inspiration takes the form of exclusive experiences capable of moving the most discerning of foodies. A concept by Véronique Gladstone and Matthew Gladstone intended to create innovative culinary experiences.

Véronique is a French chef who has been based in Madrid for many years and is constantly looking to innovate in the kitchen. A creative artist in her own right, with every signature project she is capable of bidding a sensory experience where stories intertwine with shapes, smells, flavours and colours, thereby creating a delight for the senses, and a welcoming and rarefied atmosphere with every bite.

Simply Fabulous will join forces with The Wine & Country Club to create the organic kitchen gardens of the winery estates, selecting the freshest Andalusian ingredients and attempting to recover several tomato varieties that are native to the Serrania de Ronda, including the Ronda tomato—large in size, with a somewhat oldish and chipped appearance, and an intense and scented flavour.

An exclusive privilege coupled with the excellence of life at The Wine & Country Club, championing zero-mile products and advocating a farm-to-fork philosophy.

Superior Gastronomy


Benefitting from your own organic kitchen garden filled with endless varieties of vegetables—some of which have been masterfully recovered to achieve the most exquisite and exclusive mix—provides an unmatched culinary experience.

Residents will be able to let their imagination run wild and create unique recipes that highlight the importance of the emotions they experience by living at The Wine & Country Club, and capture those feelings and sensations to then stamp them on their cooking. After all, cooking is all about feelings.