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Ideas To Decorate Your Winery Estate
Mar 23, 2021



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There is no accounting for taste when it comes to home décor. Although there may be some guidelines you can follow, it is above all your personal taste that needs to be displayed and take centre stage when crafting a welcoming, functional space with good energy. Dressing such a generous space as your winery estate raises endless possibilities, and can seem a little overwhelming at first.

You turned to the prestigious Malaga-based Torras y Sierra architectural firm for advice and they kindly put forward some excellent and valuable suggestions, which you took up right away. However, the charming spaciousness was still crying out for more elements and furniture to achieve a warm, collected feel that is elegant, timeless, very unique and personal.

Exhausted from stuffy rooms with an artificial air, you sought to create an honest style, with a relaxed sense of breezy hillside living. To achieve this, it was important to encourage natural light to spread in different rooms around the home; so you used light textiles for curtains and roller blinds and placed some mirrors in strategic locations to reflect natural light and provide a sense of spaciousness.

As a nature-loving homeowner, and despite having sprawling hectares of lushly land and your own organic kitchen garden, you decided to incorporate some greenery by the use of indoor plants for home decor to give a calm and soothing environment to your house. Thus, you created an aspirational home to match your new lifestyle and to blend the outdoors with the indoors, complete with an extended patio, lush plants and furniture.

With sustainability being such a core part of your new slow lifestyle, you opted for sustainable materials such as wood, stone, and brick; as well as eco-friendly paint and water-based varnishes. As for textiles, you chose wool, linen, cotton, jute, and organic fabrics.


Decorative Accessories To Echo Your Winery Estate’s Neat And Well-Edited Style


Bring on the bubbly and find the perfect wine rack


Producing your own wine means that you now need a specific piece of furniture to properly store your creations. Wine racks come in many shapes and styles – wall-mounted, traditional shelving, freestanding zig zag racks, cellar cubes, wine cabinets, or original hollow logs where bottles can be inserted; the possibilities are endless. You can also opt for a bespoke wine rack, which can be made to fit within your available space in any shape or form to suit your own particular wine storage requirements. Whatever you do, remember that side is best—lay the bottles on their side to ensure corks stay moist and swollen—.


For dedicated bibliophiles and whimsical book nook lovers


Your favourite hobby deserves a privileged space in your home. An area where, in addition to bookshelf space to hold those precious collections, there is also room for that comfy reading chair with a wow factor that you will not want to leave, and an extra armchair—in case someone else wants to grab a book and curl up in it—with footrest. Complete your reading corner with a coffee table, where you can place a glass of red wine to enjoy while you devour your next paperback.

Sugar and spice and all things nice – Storing your garden produce


Trying your hand at growing your own fruit and veggies means that you want good harvests, but sometimes you will get more than you bargained for. If you have ended up with so much courgette that the thought of another ratatouille does not tickle your taste buds, do not let it go to waste, instead have a go and preserve your excess fruit and veg so you can enjoy it in the lean months of winter. Given that your home’s kitchen is decidedly French Country, you will do well to neatly display your colourful preserving and canning jars and canisters. In a bid to get your favourite jar into every room of the house, have a go and find nifty ways to use the handy little number.


Music to your ears


Every music lover and seasoned vinyl veteran owns a large LP collection and a top-of-the-range turntable—”this is how God intended for good music to be enjoyed” you chant at every chance you get—. Giving it a charming “lived-in” appeal, your music lounge will also feature a plush sofa to sprawl on and relax to Guitar Slim’s R&B, Aretha Franklin’s Lady Soul or great classics, such as Chopin, Glenn Miller’s In The Mood or Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable.

With your refined winery estate now being well-thought out and organised—with every piece of furniture having a distinct purpose and meaning and tying the many different textures and patterns together—, the only thing left is for you to kick back and chillax, and enjoy all the wonderful things that The Wine & Country Club has to offer – slow living, fine wine, nature’s bounty, superb cuisine, fresh air, sustainability…

Now, this is the life!