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Time To Get Some Tasty And Slow Cooking Done
Feb 16, 2021



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In this new, calmer, more mindful chapter of your life, where you enjoy every single moment, the art of slow cooking becomes more meaningful. Although you have always been fond of cooking, the truth is that you rarely had the time to enjoy it.

But now, in the comfort of your home at The Wine & Country Club, cooking is a hobby you have decided to take up.

For you, mindful cooking comes with a solemn ritual. It is not about choosing whatever recipe and prepping food, but rather it is a whole creative process—from choosing the perfect recipe to grocery shopping, the surroundings, the music that will set the mood as you prep and dig into your tasty dishes, the wine that will complete the sensory experience or how you will set the table—.

Therefore, your solemn ritual begins the moment you decide what to cook. You consider yourself highly privileged to have easy access to a large part of the fresh ingredients you need—which you source either directly from your own organic kitchen garden and orchard, or from the local farmer’s market—. Your roomy kitchen gives onto the dining room and also faces onto the porch, so you are blessed with an abundance of light and inspiring views. Cooking like this is always a treat for the senses.


Mouth-Watering Slow Cooking Recipes


Your winery estate’s kitchen at The Wine & Country Club has already witnessed some precious moments. Delicacies such as albondigas de atún rojo (bluefin tuna meatballs)—which the one and only Benito Gomez taught you how to make at home—, sardinas ahumadas (smoked sardines)—the ones your friends went crazy for last summer—, or guiso de corzo (roe deer stew), which you enjoyed last weekend with the family along with a bottle of Payoya Negra wine.

Cooking exerts a soothing and relaxing effect on you. It requires mindful concentration and dedication, and is closely bound up with spiritual practices. In addition to getting you hooked, it is a real joy for your family’s healthy and hearty appetite. It is therefore little wonder that, when your kindred see you wearing an apron, they clap their hands in delight at the prospect of tasting something exquisite and being part of the creative process. 

An outdoor type, a hunter and a man of the field, you love the taste of game in your mouth and duck is one of your many specialties. In fact, royal de pato (glazed duck)—an elaborate dish, with many time-consuming and delicate processes, but a perfect slow cooking recipe—is one of your signature dishes. You had it for the first time in Bardal, the only three-Michelin starred restaurant in Ronda, back when chef Benito Muñoz’s creations were rated one star. Its jelly-like texture and glossy sauce revived your jaded appetite and you would not stop until you were able to replicate the recipe at home.


Other favourite recipes to cook include any dish where the main ingredient is tuna. As a true lover of the Cadiz coastline, your lifelong passion for tuna is very much real. Thanks to chef Angel Leon’s creations in his three-Michelin starred Aponiente restaurant, you discovered a whole realm beyond ventresca (tuna belly) and lomo(tuna loins). Truth be told, there is no better ambassador for the Barbate almadraba bluefin tuna than Angel.


Quality Wines For Finger-Licking Recipes


As a keen foodie and amateur home cook, you know that wine-pairing is key to the success of a menu, and so you apply this core principle also to your cooking.

Your ritual includes uncorking a bottle before you start cooking, so as to allow the wine you have chosen for your scrumptious meal to breathe, and to sip it whilst prepping the food. A little ritual that can never go wrong considering the wine-growing tradition of The Wine & Country Club’s surroundings.

Your cellar boasts a curated wine collection, which not only includes a number of bottles of your truly unique, self-produced wine, but also national and international jewels. Ana, the winemaker at La Melonera winery and your wonderful mentor in this wine-growing adventure of yours, has guided you every step of the way to help you build up a reputable wine collection of your own.

Summing up, living at The Wine & Country Club means savouring a myriad of moments to treasure for a lifetime.