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The Essentials Of Golf Clothing
Feb 12, 2021



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As Harry Vardon, the famous English golfer, once said: “Golfers find it difficult to turn the waist, especially if they have a lot of waist to turn.” We would also like to add that the waist must be properly dressed with clothes that drape well on the body and allow for freedom to make that perfect swing.

Fashion and golf have always gone hand in hand. Since the sport was invented in Scotland at the beginning of the 20th century, golf players have been very clear about the appropriate dress code to hit the courses. Early players typically wore a jacket, tie, cap and golf knickers. When the temperatures in Florida (the United States) were too warm for such outfits, they began to use different garments and fabrics, such as synthetic fibres instead of wool.

Players began to lose the tie already back in the 30s, and the traditional cap was replaced by a baseball cap paired with a collared shirt and short sleeves. The look was finished off with a sweater, long trousers and white or two-tone spiked shoes. Over time, and for the comfort and convenience of the players, the multilayer aesthetic was adopted, so they could get rid of garments depending on how hot or cold they felt.

Above all, elegance is a must when it comes to the perfect golfer’s dress code.

How Do Golf Players Dress Today?


As you know, there is still a marked and exacting dress code which is shaped by fashion. That is why you got hold of the most recommended set of clothing for each body part to make your time out on the green all the more enjoyable.

The key items you needed to complete a proper golfing outfit included appropriate, classic-styling, single-coloured, dressy pleated pants. Shorts should only be worn on warm days and, in terms of length, they should fall just above your kneecaps. Your choice was three beige, navy blue and grey long pants.

Breathable, loose (but not baggy) shirts are preferable for comfort. You were well aware of the fact that, in terms of dress code, you will almost always be expected to have a collared shirt with buttons done up. That is why you filled your wardrobe with short-sleeved collared shirts and polo shirts that were long enough to be able to tuck them into the pants.

It goes without saying that you also bought long-sleeved shirts and a few sweaters, all in neutral hues, for winter golfing.

As for accessories, the belt makes for a cleaner, more put together look. Although gloves are not strictly necessary, they truly add an extra level of comfort to your game; they help give you a better grip on the club and prevent your hands from being rubbed raw after a full day of golfing or from the bitter cold in winter. So you bought yourself three pairs.

Golf caps are essential to prevent the sun from blinding you while you are out playing. Although you already owned some, you wanted to update your catalogue.

Shoes are the most important part of your outfit. Golf involves a lot of walking and standing so the right shoes are absolutely essential to help you get through without ending up with painful, sore, sweaty, or injured feet. There is a lot that goes into finding the right pair of golf shoes, but most common options include (metal or rubber) spiked—their key perks are stability and traction, which can improve your overall swing—and spikeless—they tend to be more comfortable and provide more support, but you lose a little in stability, especially on the rougher patches of terrain—. You finally opted for a pair of rubber spiked shoes, which are also perfect for winter golfing.

Now you are all set to take your game to the next level at the various golf courses that your new home at The Wine & Country Club offers. Jorge will take care of everything—location, booking and transportation—for you. Are you ready to perfect your swing?