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Classic And Avant-Garde Design
Jan 12, 2021



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diseño clásico

In Norman Foster’s words, “To be an architect, you need to be two things: optimistic and curious.”

The winery estates at The Wine & Country Club have been designed in keeping with prominent British architect Norman Foster’s statement. Conducted by the prestigious Malaga-based Torras y Sierra architectural firm, the 28 contrasting and bespoke properties are characterised by classic and traditional styling, or unique avant-garde design.


Although ‘classic’ and ‘avant-garde’ may sound antagonistic, they need not be. One can dominate over the other, and both can coexist in the same space. Here, their fusion, union and transformation are orchestrated with such mastery and delicacy that they simply deliver an excellent result.

At Torras y Sierra, they will steer your future home’s construction process in their relentless pursuit of excellence. They will create a superbly comfortable, elegant and contemporary atmosphere for your home and its surroundings. They will take all your preferences to heart and will gladly strike up an acquaintance with you to learn about your tastes and tailor-make your living spaces.

A continuous thread runs through all these residences that perfectly blend traditional styling and avant-garde design—large picture windows, climbing shrubs, outdoor porches, private swimming pool and many more creature comforts—. Flawless spots to witness the turn of the seasons through the changing landscape and blossoming vineyards. These are environmentally-friendly villas that seamlessly blend into the meadow landscape rolling before your eyes and have been designed for your utmost enjoyment.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to have a unique home created for you from scratch; your chance to savour every moment in the timeless elegance of a welcoming, cosy and safe home.

A superb and well-tended landscaping, signed by expert Rocio Sainz de Rozas, surrounds your winery estate. This is an essential element of the project’s general design and that of each individual winery estate.

The Wine & Country Club – A Classic Revamped


Classicism is an aesthetic movement that is characterised by symmetry, luxury, comfort, quality and elegance in design. This trend is similar to the Romantic style in that it uses pure materials, elaborated accessories and intense colours. Here, furniture takes centre stage and tradition prevails. Classicism creates luxurious and sophisticated environments that are sure to impress. Rooms must be spacious and there must be an abundance of light, inspiration and suitability.

If you have opted for a classic-style winery estate at The Wine & Country Club, you will benefit from a united and well-connected property layout, with exquisitely executed spaces, best-in-class quality specifications, and traditional and rustic finishes.


The Most Avant-Garde Winery Estate


For their part, avant-garde-style winery estates feature a more modern decoration, which represents a break with traditional styling and is based on modern and ground-breaking lines. Avant-garde decoration follows the dictates of the market and focuses on simple geometric shapes, and pure and trendy lines.

At The Wine & Country Club, this trend translates into a contemporary style defined by larger independent living spaces and a versatile layout for a practical and simple living atmosphere. You can opt for a kitchen that gives onto the dining room or one that is separated by a large window. In addition, interior design allows you to partition specific spaces thereby creating unique environments.

Regardless of the decorative style you finally opt for, all properties benefit from their own private land in a unique setting—Malaga’s Serrania de Ronda—. All winery estates are perfectly nestled in nature’s bounty and enjoy a superb southern aspect with extensive country views across the Serrania, which is perfect for encouraging alfresco living.


In short, the fusion of these two decorative trends has yielded perfect living spaces to escape to, and where work can be pure pleasure surrounded by nature and well-being. A place to connect and disconnect, and savour the life you deserve.