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A Beginner’s Guide To Red Wine Pairing: Creating A Match Made In Heaven
Dec 8, 2020



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maridaje para un vino tinto

“Wine sows poetry in hearts”.

Dante Alighieri.

The interaction of wine’s main components—i.e. 13% alcohol, 85-95% water and 7-15% sugar—and phenols, such as tannins, and other ingredients, such as mineral salts and acids, creates a balanced colloid of hundreds of different molecules resulting in an elixir of life enjoyed by many since Phoenician and Roman times. Indeed, wine has always been central to cultures as a symbol of celebration and victory. 

Victorious and jubilant… that was you—when you first saw the first ever produced bottle from your private vineyard’s vintage—and also joyful, unsure, blissful, gaping… You then grew intensely curious to learn what recipes would go well that night with your first crate of red.


Traditionally, white wines have been considered to be great with fish and seafood, while reds have been thought to combine only with meats. This is a common misconception, since the possibilities are endless; it all depends on the type of fish, meat and dessert, as red wine can be paired with virtually any three-course meal to excite and intrigue even the most discerning of palates.

Starters, First Courses And Main Courses: All Paired With Red Wine

Let us kick off with some starters! A self-respecting host will always welcome guests with a well-rounded cheese platter. Sharp, strong-flavoured blue cheeses work well with young reds, while full-bodied crianza or reserva red wines are the ideal partner to a hunk of mature Cheddar, Manchego or Parmesan.

As for rice dishes and paellas… red wine will also enhance and intensify the flavours to all new heights. Full-flavoured and savoury soupy (caldoso), creamy (meloso) and oven baked (al horno) rice dishes are best served with a light-bodied red.

Pasta dishes with richly sautéed sauces—think Bolognese, cheese or mushroom sauce—are also perfectly paired with a bottle of red wine.

Light-bodied reds are a crowd pleaser when combined with bluefish or fatty fish—even though they are seafood products—.

And, what about poultry? If your farmhouse chicken casserole is on the denser side or for strongly-flavoured white poultry meat stews, your best choice is a smooth, soft-textured red wine; we guarantee it will go down a treat!

And so we have made it to a match made in heaven: pairing meat and wine.

It is a commonplace that red meat and red wine have been besties for a long time and make a winning combination, so there is really little further to add, except to recommend pairing veal and ox meat with crianza and gran reserva reds.

And, Mouth-Watering Desserts? Also Paired With Red Wine!


The versatility of wine—and its diverse flavours—extends to virtually any product within a meal. In other words, a typical starter like cheese can also take centre stage at the end of a meal. It is not uncommon for dessert menus to include some ‘savoury’ options such as cheese; where this is the case, your choice of red wine to go with your main course will also be the ideal partner to your selection of cheeses.

Now that you know the key to a perfect pairing, you are fully ready to create that special menu to entertain your friends and family when they come visit you at The Wine & Country Club, and see for themselves the 100% outdoorsy lifestyle that you lead, surrounded by peace and immersed in nature’s bounty.