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The Magic Of Living In The South
Nov 27, 2020



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vivir en el sur

If I am to live, let it be in Seville.

If I am to die, let it be in Granada.

My beloved Malaga,

I fondly remember you!


Cadiz is a white shawl

and a sigh in the bay.

Huelva is fandango and the gateway

to Aracena and Punta Umbria.


Moorish and Christian Cordoba,

with its San Rafael bridge.

Almeria and its vineyards.

Olive groves in Jaen.


He who repudiates his birthplace

should be rebuked,

for I am proud to be Andalucian

through and through.


The love of my loves,

what I love most in life,

it is my land, gentlemen,

and it goes by the name of Andalusia.


Sevillana (Andalusian song) El amor de mis amores (The love of my loves)
Lyrics by Gabriel Hurtado Diaz; music by Alonso Pavon.


The lyrics of Andalusian popular music could not better express the feelings for a land that sprawls out over 87,000 square kilometres and has been the cradle of many a great civilisation. Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims; Andalusia has been home to those who have left their mark on its streets, buildings and architectural relics—some as precious as the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba or the Alhambra in Granada—. Their undisputed value is such that the latter monument was proclaimed as part of world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1984.

A region that boasts two of the oldest cities in Europe—Cadiz and Malaga—, along with historical legacies bequeathed by past struggles and traces of many cultures that have survived, is bound to arouse curiosity.

A magnificent history, countless cultural and leisure pursuits, and over 300 days of annual sunshine and mild temperatures make this region one of the most coveted areas to live in southern Europe.

The Costa del Sol—with over 800 kilometres of fine clean sand bordering the territory from Huelva to Almeria—boasts some of the loveliest beaches in Spain, both in terms of quality and excellence. It is not for nothing that Andalusia is the region with the largest number of beaches that have been awarded a blue flag; a recognised seal of environmental and tourist quality. 

A further strength of Andalusia is its gastronomy, which is sure to get your taste buds tingling. A steady stream of recipes featuring the highest quality ingredients—olive oil, nuts, fish and meat—yield sumptuous starter and main course treats. As for deserts, Andalusia has many to choose from, since years of Moorish influence have left an unmistakable mark on Andalusian sweets; so make sure you succumb to its toothsome delicacies.

Rest assured that you will beg for seconds!

Bruised green olives (aceitunas aliñás), which are first left to macerate and then flavoured with different ingredients and spices, have a texture particular to the cracking method, and are an uber popular appetiser here in the South. Typical summer starters include gazpacho (tomato soup served cold), salmorejo (thick tomato soup served cold) and ajoblanco (chilled garlic and almond soup), while the traditional and hearty migas (sauteed breadcrumbs with pork or fowl) will go down a treat with wintertime guests.

Cazon en adobo (deep-fried marinated dogfish)—a small type of shark sliced into cubes and left to marinate for 8 hours in water, sherry vinegar and various spices—and atun de almadraba (almadraba bluefin tuna) are flagships in their own right. And for dessert… you can tuck into delicious and addictive polvorones and mantecados (shortbread made of flour, sugar, milk and nuts; with a soft, crumbly and powdery texture—the word ‘polvo‘ means ‘powder’ in Spanish—). Originally from Malaga, and traditionally eaten across Spain at Christmas, they are just as appetising at any other time of the year.

Bon appetit!


Ronda – The Magic Of Living In Malaga

Ronda is considered the jewel in the crown of magic Andalusia.

A rich historical legacy, the impressive natural paradise of the Serrania de Ronda, the mystique surrounding this town… Ronda has it all and more; it breathes history, life, genuineness, peace, and endless other emotions at every turn.

Ronda; the dream city. Atop a mountain in the Serrania de Ronda, with its magnificent bridge—provided you are vertigo-proof, that is—, Ronda dazzles from dawn to dusk, with glowing sunrises and stunning red sunsets. This is a place to wander about and get lost down its cobbled streets, to feel humbled before the immensity of what surrounds you, yet in turn fortunate to be able to experience it. And with those impressive views afforded from every angle, one cannot help but feel incredibly powerful at the mere thought of living here.

Ronda is, in short, THE place to let go and go with the flow.