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Sustainable Architecture In Malaga
Nov 20, 2020



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A land of painters, writers and actors; Malaga has seen remarkable names from the world of art and architecture grow. Prominent figures of the likes of Picasso, Maria Zambrano or Antonio Banderas will surely come to mind, but roaming the streets of its capital city is of the essence if we are to learn who put its stamp on some of the most iconic and imposing Malaga buildings.

As soon as we start to delve into Malaga’s architecture, we discover that the ideologue behind Malaga City Council, Sacred Heart Church, Miramar Palace or La Rosaleda stadium was none other than Fernando Guerrero Strachan. His son, Fernando Guerrero-Strachan Rosado, followed in his footsteps and left his unmistakable imprint on landmark buildings such as the Saint Patrick’s Church, the Saint Joseph the Worker Church and the Christ the King Church. He was also responsible for the expansion of the Colegio San Estanislao de Kostka, and further assisted in the restoration of the Alcazaba, the Episcopal Palace, and the castle on Mount Gibralfaro. In addition, he was in charge of designing the Pedro Luis Alonso and Puerta Oscura gardens.

And once we begin to enter the fascinating world of architecture, there is no going back. We are overwhelmed by its living tradition and indelible imprint on all period buildings. We learn that Antonio Garcia Garrido designed the Gaudi Building, the Rose of Lima Church and the Torre de Malaga. We realise that, by approaching Malaga from a different angle, we experience a different, enriching and unique Malaga.


When Does Sustainability Come Into Play?

Let us leave history behind and focus on contemporary architecture. Did you know that Malaga province boasts at least 122 buildings of significant architectural value, which were built between 1900 and 2011 and are prime examples of contemporary architecture?

If you could only choose one, we bet your favourite would be, without a shadow of a doubt, Casa Lange—also known as Villa Pineda Alta.

Designed by the American architect Robert Mosher, it is one of the most important examples of Modern Movement architecture in the city of Malaga. It is living proof of some of the main organic spatial principles. However, what really catches your eye is how it scrupulously follows the Wrightian principle that architecture should be designed in harmony with humanity and its environment. You know this is the reason why Wright intentionally goes deep into this pine forest, respecting and making use of the advantages of the sloping land, and seamlessly and gently blending the architectural elements into the trees.

Truth be told, if there is one thing that is non-negotiable for you, is that architectural development needs to be nature-friendly and sustainable, and must advocate respect for the natural landscape. That is why we know that you would choose Casa Lange…


The Winery Estates At The Wine & Country Club


The fact that the province—with its ever-welcoming Serrania de Ronda—takes great pride in its ‘green ethos’, has encouraged you to feel a deep respect for nature and to promote positive integration into the environment. This is exactly why you were happy to learn that Torres y Sierra—the prestigious local architectural firm that designed your bespoke winery estate in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings—advocates those very same values.

You selected a property that boasts picture windows, climbing shrubs, outdoor porches, a swimming pool and many more creature comforts. You chose the perfect country retreat to witness the turn of the seasons through the changing landscape and blossoming vineyards. In short, your new home is a villa that effortlessly blends into the landscape and is designed to be fully enjoyed.

The site—where the team of architects has successfully and seamlessly combined design with nature—is slightly raised above a sweeping plain, with the mountain range resting at the edge of the horizon. Peppered with holm oaks, olive groves and vineyards, this moderately hilly terrain is dotted with wonderfully aromatic and indigenous bushes. And nestled in the rolling hills, across a haven of peace and tranquillity, The Wine & Country Club rises proudly in the knowledge that it unlocked the area’s potential to create a place genuinely in harmony its environment.

Thanks to this little slice of heaven that you so proudly own, you now can dine outdoors on the terrace, go horseback riding across your vineyards, and take a swim in the infinity pool overlooking the fine mountains… to name but a few pursuits.

Yet, nothing beats having friends and family over, and the house sparkled with merry talk and lively sallies of wit, whilst you all enjoy a glass of a wine that bears your unmistakable imprint. The one you now know how to taste properly thanks to all that you learnt.

In other words, you count yourself lucky that you live in a unique place blessed with the timeless elegance of a warm, welcoming and safe home that has been specially designed for your utmost enjoyment. A place from where you watch days go by slowly, in step with the natural rhythms and colours of the seasons, patiently waiting to get your exquisite harvest in.