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Mindful Living At The Wine & Country Club
Nov 12, 2020



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mindful living

“A little bit of your mind clicks back and you are suddenly reminded of the importance to stop”, your words echo as you share your own personal story at The Wine & Country Club“.


To learn how to breathe properly. Such an innate act—as breathing is—has been much neglected in modern life. In the era of globalisation and hyper connectivity, at a time when access to information is immediate and consumerism has become something of the norm, to stop in our tracks and breath in becomes even more imperative if we are to retain our sanity.

The process of bringing in oxygen and flushing out carbon dioxide is unconscious and automatic, and it is what helps us stay alive. However, making it a conscious act is only dependant on us. “A little bit of your mind clicks back and you are suddenly reminded of the importance to stop”, your words echo as you share your own personal story at The Wine & Country Club.

You do not need to experience an existential crisis to take such a sensible decision. You simply need to become aware of things, time, quality of life… You just need to grow personally and spiritually in order to realise that the only way to happiness is to be mindful. You simply need to make a conscious decision to stop tiptoeing through life and start taking the reins. You just need to ask yourself what you want to do, what kind of life you want to live and how you want to do lead it.

These may seem like momentous issues; but trust you me, they are not. They are basic matters, which each of us should address at least once in a lifetime.

As we were saying, it is not about facing an existential crisis or undergoing a radical life change. Nobody says you should quit your job and seclude yourself in a Buddhist monastery—unless it is what you really want, in which case, bring it on!—. But there surely are small changes and slight improvements you can make to take the quality of your life to a whole new level.



The Healing Power Of Nature

Living mindfully means to experience life with a ‘beginner’s mind’ and to become the person you choose to be. It has been long known and documented that going toe-to-toe with nature helps you become more mindful.

The enormous power that Mother Earth has in this slower and more mindful lifestyle is common knowledge. Prestigious international schools have long documented how the quiet gurgling of a stream or the sound of the wind gently rustling the trees can change our mindset and body systems, thus helping us to relax.

That is why, the day you fell in love with The Wine & Country Club, Ronda’s meadows stroke you as the perfect place to start living mindfully. A peaceful and charming setting in the Serrania de Ronda mountain landscape featuring spectacular hiking trails. A native meadow peppered with holm oaks and olive groves that can be discovered on horseback. Vineyards that had fallen into oblivion, were then brought back to life, and are now as fertile as ever – a history that very much resembles yours. 

However, it is not only about the landscape and the surroundings. Your way of life has also changed. You have made subtle yet important changes throughout this time, and as you now look back and take stock of it all, you realise just how much progress you have made.

A New Life At The Wine & Country Club

You nurture and care for your own vineyard, with all that follows from that. Leaving aside the mysticism linked to creating something unique and breathing life into it, you are helping to perpetuate a grape variety that had nearly died out. You are giving a living being a second chance by nurturing it with your own two hands over the course of the seasons. And nature has its very own particular way of thanking you and returning the favour in the form of wine – a unique wine in its own right.

In addition, you also have your own organic kitchen garden. Truth be known, you have help taking care of the garden, but whenever you get a chance, you devote your energies to your harvest and absolutely love watching the soil offer you its goodies; some exceptionally flavoured and coloured produce.

Spending quality time at home with your loved ones has replaced large business meetings. Enjoying small delights, such as a fresh cup of coffee, and experiencing little a-ha moments—like sitting on the porch step and watching the sun climb over the horizon, or swirling and savouring a glass of wine whilst being embraced by the warmth of the fireplace, or entertaining guests at your winery estate—have become commonplace and prevalent.

This has been your shift towards simpler and more mindful living. At first—as is often the case—it created some dilemmas; but when you now stop and take stock of it all, you just know you made the right decision.