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Bring Out The Winemaker In You
Oct 27, 2020



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“You hold the glass in your hand and tilt it ever so slightly—as wine connoisseurs have instructed you to do—to observe that bright cherry colour so typical of a young wine like the one you are about to savour”. 

A hard day’s work draws to a close. Last minute meetings and phone calls threatened to become the final straw of a particularly stressful day. So now that you are finally home, you take off your shoes and make yourself comfy on the couch next to your wife. With Autumn in New Yorkthe version by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrongplaying softly in the background, you pour yourself a well-deserved glass of wine. Your wife purposely cracked open a bottle of your first ever vintage earlier on.

You hold the glass in your hand and tilt it ever so slightly—as wine connoisseurs have instructed you to doto observe that bright cherry colour so typical of a young wine like the one you are about to savour. As you inspire, a bouquet of aromas is released from this Bacchus and enters your nose… you can even taste it against your palate. A good nose of red fruits and other distinct aromas such as freshly mown grass… the essence of this dreamy landscape in the Serrania de Ronda.

But let us not digress. You sip itslowly—, just a wee dram. You hold it in your mouth for a moment before swishing it around and swirling it in while noticing the flavours. You then swallow it, slowly, mindfully. A fresh, fleshy and gently-rounded flavour profile on the palate, with a lingering aftertaste… hmm… just the way you like it. You place the glass on the coffee table and feel pleased with yourself. Your very first wine… well, what do you know? Never in your wildest dreams had you imagined that getting involved in the fascinating process of winemaking would come to mean so much to you. 

You came to The Wine & Country Club hoping to write a new chapter in your life and fully open to new adventures. And it just so happens that one of those new adventures was none other than becoming a winemaker and producing your own wine. A deep journey through your vineyard’s history and the sublime area where it sitsand which you are lucky enough to call home. The story of a grape successfully rescued from oblivion and the richness of the inherited tradition.

You understated when—the day you moved in—you told yourself that you were in for a real treat… The Wine & Country Club has proven to be so much more; it has proven to be the ride of your life and has given you moments to treasure for a lifetime. 


The Winemaker And The Club: Continuous Learning


The world of wine was not alien to you. A discerning palate like yours has always enjoyed the odd rare and fine wines, and it was indeed that passion that got you wanting to learn more, discover other varieties and other methods. All that you are learning and experiencing at The Wine & Country Club is priceless.

You owe it to the winery workersand your natural curiositythat you have learned so much about the peculiar story of La Melonera grape in so little time. A story about tradition, resilience and appreciation of a grape that was opportunely saved from oblivion. There is much more to the story… but not to worry, it shall gradually unfold.

The ever attentive winery workers have involved you in every step of the decision-making processgrape variety, looking after the vine during growing season and thorough quality control. You watched the entire process through the eyes of a curious child; both ecstatic and excited at the prospect of growing something of your own.


You have partaken in your very first harvest—and not just any harvest… your own harvest! A slice of heaven—, and thanks to the teachings of the winery’s winemaker, you have learned and enjoyed the entire wine-making process: from classification of the wine grape variety and destemming, to crushing, fermentation and pressing in the barrel.


And there is more: you have been fortunate enough to have been soundly advised to enable you to have a say even in the smallest details about your new wine—the type of label, bottle and packaging—thus creating a unique wine, just for you. A weighty responsibility since each decision would directly affect the quality and final features of the wine, your wine.


And now, from the comfort of your own home, you slowly savour this jewel and rekindle and reflect on all the special moments in the life of this grape, only to realise that its story is very similar to yours. The story of a life saved thanks to The Wine & Country Club.